Saturday, September 2, 2000

Art and doodles! (Newest will be posted at the top)

Hi! So here are a bunch of art and doodles I've created ranging from 2009 to the present! I decided to do this to sort of document my progress as a growing artist, and I felt that not only will it motivate me, but I hope it will bring some inspiration to someone else. I hope! <3 I know I'm not the greatest, but it's still a huge hobby of mine. It's something I'll never stop doing. I'm excited to see this page fill up, and I hope that you all enjoy this journey with me! *holds your hand*

Please, if you ever take any photos, I would appreciate it if you credit back to my blog. It's not nice to steal. :C I know everything on the internet is considered "free", and for a very long time I avoided posting art in fear that someone else may take credit for it. Though even though it'll probably happen anyway, if you're reading this, please don't be that person!

I later realized that I should share my art anyway because in the end, everything that I create only exists because anything I have ever laid my eyes on- has helped create it. Every person who's entered my life, every emotion I've felt, every color I've glanced at,  every texture I've touched - I learned that any idea-sparking thought that has ever entered your life will reflect the way we express ourselves. What makes a person unique is the fact that not one person will duplicate the same feelings/actions/thought/experiences as the other. You can relate to someone, but to wear their skin? It's not possible. (no skin transplants don't count)  From the moment you are born, every image is unique to you depending on the order of things you've seen, heard, tasted...etc Your mind is like a sponge and depending on what you've already absorbed, what's already in you will judge and take things in a different way. The point I'm trying to give here is that since every person  is unique in their own way, that they should take advantage of it, pursue it, own it, and turn what you see into something beautiful.  I believe that whatever the world gives, you should turn it into positive things, and give it back.

If you created something inspired off of my art, let me know! I find that flattering/innovative/inspiring and I may even showcase your work in my blog.<3 I KNOW I'm not the greatest, but with practice, I know I'll get better. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading such a long text.. heh. <3

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