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Frequently Asked Questions

Why, hello there. I have compiled all the questions I am asked most often. I hope that you find what you are looking for..

 Why did you create this blog?

I created this blog because I absolutely love sharing content. One of my dreams is to inspire others with my art and thoughts. I'm not really sure how long I'll live, life is precious and so I'm always afraid that what I have left on earth will never be enough. 

I'm sort of obsessed with documenting everything whether it be ideas from myself or others, I can't help it. 
Sharing it here helps me organize my thoughts and I like to think of this blog as a living diary/scrapbook of my life. It gives me a peace of mind to know that if my time ever passes, someone else may look at my things and be affected in the same way a bee passes pollen to another garden.~

How long have you been blogging? 
I've been blogging since early 2009. Has it already been SEVEN years?!

The internet is a funny place. I admire it because it's a place where people seek information. I give props to anyone who can view my entire timeline of how I grew online because.. it's impossible.
 The amount of content I have shared is ridiculously plenty. If you are interested in my story about how I got to this point, you can view a blog post about it here. (link soon to come!)

What camera do you use?
I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. The lens I use most often is a 18-55mm. (It came with the camera)
What photo editing program do you use? 
Photoscape. I've been using it for years. It's simple and easy to use, I like the film effects. (Posting about this program soon!) You can download the same free program here.

What tools do you use for your digital art?
 I use a "Bamboo Fun" Wacom tablet paired with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. I looooooove this drawing program.
More details about it's specs can be found in my free art/graphics section here.

 How old are you?
I am 25. My birthday is September 28, 1991. 
Libras unite!

Can I see more of your art?
Yes! You sure can! I narrowed it down to my top four favorite forms of art and you can view them by clicking any of these below:





I may be interested in you promoting my products. What's your stats like?

I hate numbers. It seems silly to me but I like to think of online marketing as a game. I get asked about this a lot for business purposes so this will save me email time.~ Here you go!

 All numbers are current up to date.  

Last updated: 01/07/2017 8:12pm

Tumblr: 9,116 followers 
Twitter: 8,938 followers
Instagram: 6,033 followers
Snapchat: 1,200 friends+ 500-800 views a day
Youtube: 1,600 (two combined)
Twitch: 1,209 followers 410,887 total views
(I use to lifecast a ton on Twitch's original mother site,, before the site retired. I may return to broadcast making digital art soon! Still debating between twitch and (another digital art live streaming platform) 

Keep in mind that I have over a dozen blogs  with thousands of followers I run anonymously for promotional + click bait purposes.
 These blogs play an important role to avoid cluttering my main blog! :) 

Why the heck do you have so much websites?! Don't you ever get sick of social media???

Everyone has a hobby and this is mine. Like I said previously, I love documenting things. 
I love sharing content. I love feeling connected to others.. and I'll find any platform to do that. 

 I love that you're reading this right now and I love that you could possibly feel "connected" to me just by reading my blog. The fact that I have the opportunity to share my art/thoughts and to be able to spark any amount of emotion in another person is amazing to me.  
Social media definitely has it's "dark" and "depthless" sides but if you scratch deeper into the surface (like you should with everything else ;p ) It is an endless amount of knowledge.

 Would you be interested in a sponsorship
 Can you promote ________?

If you have any business inquires, please email me at:

Please keep in mind that I try my best not to turn my blog into an advertisement. The things I promote here are related to my interests and lifestyle. The small businesses I currently promote are personally picked by me. I genuinely want to support other artists and craft makers. I know how it feels to put your heart into something you're passionate about and I know how amazing it feels to get support for it. Artists deserve recognition!

What's your top most used sites?
I narrowed down my top five sites, with most used being on top:

1.) Reddit
I am on here 24/7. This is the first site I browse as I wake up, and the last as I fall asleep. I've gone here for an endless amount of self help and advice... (lately gardening advice atm) I think the most "level headed" people on the internet find home here and I kinda stopped seeing my therapist because I felt browsing reddit helped me more... for free! shrug/
2.) Instagram
I've struggled with being active on this app when I first joined in 2011. I never really found a rhythm in my feed until recently.. I've started posting a ton of art and photography and now I'm hooked on turning it into an artsagram! It's fun. The art community on instagram is great.
3.) Twitter
I was iffy about adding this to my list.. If there was an "easter egg" or a place to view all of my hidden secrets- this is it. It's kind of embarrassing but also hilarious because this is where I dump literal mind vomit. I post a lot of things that don't make any sense. One of them being code words. I love secrets and inside jokes that only I and a few people will know. Sometimes I use code words for the boys who I've gone on dates with.. I'll tweet something like: " chamomile and honey. " and that could mean that I'm missing the boy who made me a cup of tea after we made sweet, sweet, love, and my throat hurt from screaming so much that he brought me tea with honey- or that could just mean I'm drinking chamomile tea with honey. You will never know. :^) Anywho, please don't take anything I say on twitter seriously. (or anything I say, really) Especially on twitter.
4.) Facebook 
 This is the complete opposite from twitter. The kind of judgement I will get from facebook if I behaved "unfiltered" is unreal. Thankfully I got two facebooks,  one for personal friends/fam and one for the public. I like coming on here to pretend I got a social life.. I am also genuinely interested in my irl friends/family and what they're up to.. I creep a lot.

5.) Snapchat 
This is one of my favorite ways to feel closer with my followers.. I do a lot of "daily vlog" type of snaps where I'll make breakfast while talking.. I also post a lot of timelapse snaps of me making art from start to end... the food I cook/eat, my cat catching live critters.. it's endless!~

Can I use your photo/text/graphic on my site?
Yes! Of course. My only condition is that you credit me on the post you are using my content. If you are a regular user of my art, sharing my button (coming soon!) on your blog is optional, but greatly appreciated and will replace you needing to credit me in every post. ;) 

What is your favorite ______________?
 Food? Thai. Color? All shades of green. Ice-cream flavor? Rocky Road. Want to know any more favorites/ useless facts about me? You can view it here. (coming soon)

I thoroughly read through your FAQ and I still did not find what I was looking for... Where can I ask you questions? 

I forgot to mention that I have a page of answered questions you can skim through here.

If you still have not found any answers, feel free to drop any questions/comments, big or small, here. There is an anonymous option if you want to leave me love notes ;) 


 ****This section is still being updated and worked on, I know I have a lot of "coming soon" links but I promise I am slowly working on them! Thank you!***


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