Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Geo Princess MiMi Chocolate brown lens, cottoncandy hair, and a Yellow coated, sad eggplant night~

The lens I'm using in these photo's are Geo Princess MiMi chocolate browns! These are 15 mm and are also designed by Japanese model, Tsubasa Masuwaka. I just previously reviewed the Sesame Grey version, and you can view it here. I'll let the photos do the talking as I took many different ones in different lighting!
Also, I'll be reviewing false eyelashes from Ebay seller, City-Green.
You can get 10 pairs for $5.99 (freeshipping) and you can purchase them HERE.

Let's start off by saying that you get what you pay for. These are very plastic shiny and fake looking so if you don't like that, then don't bother. The only reason why I love these is because how affordable they are, and the amount you get for the price. For my personal reasons and uses, It's a really good deal.
I always feel that if I'm going to buy something that's going to obviously look fake, I should mind as well get something really full and dramatic. (Go big or go home?)  Yes, there are exceptions for other lashes because they do make non-human hair lashes that still look decent in natural styles. These on the other hand, come off ass fake the second you close your eyes. But it's okay! I like them.
I take lots of photos. Whether it be for my shop products or makeup reviews, I like to have a handy pair of eyelashes on hand. Since these aren't very delicate, with thick bands, they are easy to clean without breaking. It's really great because you can use these over and over again! I can use a pair up to 2-3 times. So it's pretty much like purchasing 30 pairs of lashes for 6 dollars. hehe.

***BTW these next upcoming photos are NOT the same lashes from City Green. They  are Red Cherry lashes #28

1) GEO Princess MiMI Chocolate brown circle lens , Red Cherry lash # 28
2) Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in "Precious"
3) Blue Japan Medley Wire Headband - boko- $10.00 [click to view]
Random Items:
4) Lavender Vanilla & Comfort Febreeze Air freshener- Walmart- $4.97 [click]
hehehehehehehhehe I love febreeze ok don't judge me
5)Clover Honey- Safeway- But I just learned it may not be honey after all... Hmmmmm.... [click]
Now I'm thinking about stopping by WholeFoods for some real natural honey, le sad face. I just always have this on hand for when I'm drinking hot tea in my room or out for dessert! I like sweet stuff.

1)Pure Red bunny Band -  boko shop - Price: $10 - [click to view/purchase]
.2) Bright Yellow  Hooded  Wool Coat- Old Navy- $40 (But I got it for $19on Black Friday! hehe.)
3) The Walking Dead Zombie shirt- Hot Topic- $6 (got on sale!) 
^And I cut it to look like a tank/ wanted to get rif of the "The Walking Dead" text that I didnt fancy near the bottom.. I just wanted a cool zombie tank. hehe this is the exact shirt below!

4) High waisted Black skirt- Forever 21- $15
5)Platform converse shoes in black- Ebay -$34.90 (you can also bid for lower!)
Btw... If you guys haven't noticed yet.. I lightened my eyebrows! ^___^ I dunno, I figured it'll match more with my new hair. Plus there's something about it that makes everything balance out, and makes it seem high fashion-y . I've always admired those beautiful albino models and their unique facial look. It also reminds me of Die Antwoords non existent eyebrows, and I like it. I fink it's freaky and I like it alot.  Maybe it's even the fact that it softens all of my facial expressions and sort of makes you look even more dolly/blank faced/alien-ish.. Hehehehehe. It's not like it's completely gone and shaved off, so I can color them in lightly if I want to as well. :3

Behold, Krizko's older sister, Kimby! She will have a fashion blog up soon so I'll keep you guys updated when she's ready to publicize it. :3 I love her. Our tastes and styles are 95% opposite, but we're pretty much the same personality. Sometimes. ;) *cough* I'm way cooler.
So that's pretty much it. Enjoy a random eggplant  I found laying in the freezer aisle of my local grocery store.~


  1. LOL the eggplant... i love your blog krizko its so entertaining I secretly check on it like 3 times a day just for an update

  2. Eeep, I thought I was the only person who constantly chek her tumblr/ blogs. I enjoy knowing what is happening in that rainbow mind of yours krizko. n___n

  3. Krizko that hair is amazing :O

  4. your hair is so cute. i love your blog.

  5. SO CURIOUS, How long do your false eyelashes stay on? Like when your in public do you ever need to re-glue them? I'm thinking of trying them out for an event :)


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