Saturday, December 1, 2012

Geo Princess MiMi Sesame Grey Circle lens Review~ And Red Cherry #42 lash review!

   So today's review will be on Geo's Princess mimi Sesame Grey lenses, and a pair of Red Cherry #42 lashes! The lenses are 15 mm, and are designed by the famous Japanese model, Tsubasa Masuwaka! I fell in love with the Chocolate brown version (I'll do a review on those soon) so I've been very excited to try these out. It has a unique 3 tone pattern- to others it may seem creepy especially if you're a circle lens beginner, or if you've only tried 1-toned lenses in the past. These in particular sort of give a 3D effect, which is nice because it gives that extra pop. :3


 I used a very high flash for these photos because I wanted the main attention to be the eyes!~ (Sorry for hurting your eyeballs!~ hehe)

Photo above is with flash again, but a farther distance. Still very noticeable and dolly looking, which I love! 

1) You can hardly see it, but I promise I'll take better pictures! It's one of my wire bunny bands from my shop, wrapped around my ponytail band! It adds a cute detail touch to any outfit.
2) Dark Green Bottled Fairy necklace- Crystal Dreams (trinket shop in Maui I'm doing a cute review on these too because it has a really adorable meaning~)
3) Grey cut-out sleeve top- Forever 21
4) Black silk lace trimmed skirt- From a small shop in the Philippines

Photo above is taken outside on a cloudy day without flash ^___^ You can see how some people could say the pattern of the lens remind them of those of a reptile! ~
These lashes aren't too thick or overly dramatic, and are perfect if you're trying to go for a much lighter dolly look.  When I'm in the mood to doll up I always look for lashes that have spikes. I love how these don't come off too fake and spiky! Human hair really makes a difference and brings softness to it. The fact that I used a very light mascara over them helped too. Especially since these lashes aren't as thick, applying too much product would ruin them. So be careful!
Woops! My left lash is a little crooked.. Shhhhhh. I need to work on my lash skills... I love how these lashes are made with 100% human hair. They don't look glossy and plastic-ky . In fact, they're very soft to the touch and since it's band is nearly invisible, they don't feel uncomfortable on your lids! I especially get that problem near the inner corners of my eyes. So A+ for comfortableness.

Btw Sorry for all the camwhoring ^_^ My hair grows really quick so wanted to get a lot of nice pics before my black roots started growing out.. Oh! And speaking of hair.. I've been getting a lot of hair questions. (Maybe I'll make a separate post for that..) One of the main questions I get is how do I get my hair to have curled-in short bangs one day, and a longer bang flip the next. And it's really easy. [HOLY POOP I just deleted a huge paragraph about me blabbing about my hair. I'll definitely make a hair faq post!] But yeah, back to the hair. I just cut my bangs to be short enough to curl and meet above my eyes, and long enough to flip or tuck behind my ear so I can flip my long layers over them! I'm sorry if that doesn't make any sense, but again I'll make a hair post soon. <3
A photo of my cat baby Shadow and I ! I love her so much. Grey contact lens, grey top, grey kitty! ^U^

Products used:

-GEO Princes Mimi Sesame Grey Lens

-Red Cherry lashes #42

-Lips = Revlon Just bitten Lip Balm Stain (I mixed the color Rendezvous and Precious!)


  1. Did you know that you can get eyelash extensions? They're pretty neat! Much easier than constantly putting on eyelashes. {:

  2. thanks very informative.


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