Saturday, December 29, 2012

Krizko is a Fastfood Lihingmui Laced Angel Fish!

Hello all. This will probably be one of the less entertaining posts I have on this blog. I just sorta stuck two different days on here. Yeah. I feel weird today. Meh. It's a meh day. Maybe I'll come back here and write more positively but I'll just leave this here. Product lists are at the bottom~ Enjoy.

Oh my goodness I look like a brat. heh heh..... >.<

excuse my can I have 11 double cheesburgerz plz
1.) I have so many bows yet I somehow forget to stick ONE  in my hair! But you can see how adorable it would have looked.. ;___; You can find cute bows here.
2.) Baby Pink Ralph Lauren woven sweater (The material is soooooooo soft! This actually belongs to my mother)
3.) White lace elbow sleeve dress- From ebay! (**EDIT FROM THE FUTURE!** I also wore the same dress in this video!~)
4.) Black silk "Happy slip" - From a small shop in the Philippines (another passed down item from the mother!)
5.) Black knee high socks- Forever21 (These originally had mini ribbons at the top, the reason why you see leftover glue dots on it sometimes.. heh.)
6.) Winged white platform sandals- Ebay! ( Search winged white platform sandals~)
1.)Geo Princess MiMi Sesame Grey Lens, Black Demi Wispies false eyelashes
2.) Revlon Just bitten Lip Balm Stain (I mixed the color Rendezvous and Precious!) I wore these in previous posts as well!
3.) Fun fact:  Weird bump[s] I get on the bottom of my chin from leaning my head on my bony knee too many times. It's a bad habit. I get bruises there sometimes too. heh.

~*~*~**~*~*~*~**~*~*~The next following pictures were taken on another day! It didn't seem like much so I decided to stick both days in one post! ~*~*~**~*~*~**~*~*~*~*
I occasionally see this couple venturing our local mall.. They're always in 70's disco wear. It's admirable. This shot is no where close to showing how awesome they are. I wish I got them on their golden sparkly disco pants day.

Lihing mui gummies, preserved tangy-sweet fruits and other "exotic" snacks. They sell boba and this is my one stop place to pick up 2-3 dollar slushies! hehehe. It's such nostalgia walking in here because it's been in business as long as I can remember.. It makes me feel old.
THIS PLACE IS SO EVIL WITH THEIR ROASTED MACADMIA SCENTED KIOSKS LURING YOU FROM ACROSS THE MALL. I swear... it smells heavenly. Like angel farts. They're onle here during Christmas season though.

Found these cute sailor looking sweaters at Macy's!
My eyebrows look non existent but I like this photo because  I thought my colored hair looked cool in braids.

Spicy Edamane!~
Will be selling more colors and styles like this at my shop, here. (<--click)

I went to the filipino store! hehe I luv filipino snacks.
The pastel colors were interesting and this fish kept following my finger.~
Ok bye bye~
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hehehehehe jk no not really ok bye~


  1. What inspires you to have the fashion style that you have? I'm kind of trying to discover what style fits ME. Sometimes I'd go with the trend.. u know, the sheer tops or the crop tops with your skinny jeans. Or there'd be days where I'd be really girly or bike-errish. LOL!! It's like those clothes were designed to wear you... Does it take you while to get ready, or it's easy to decide?

    1. Hm. I'm not very sure bubblehead. I think it's because I've done all my crazy experimenting and gone through all my weird phases through highschool that now things just come together for me, or I just have a huger idea of what I like. If that makes any sense. It can take anywhere from 3- 10 minutes to pick out an outfit! ^____^

  2. omg you so pretty!!!!! you look like a doll.

    1. Thank you! I'm sure you look like a doll too, anon.


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