Saturday, December 22, 2012

Krizko is a Polka-dotted Minnie Yogurt Sushi Shooter~

I really really like how the blonde and black looks when my hair is up! ^_^
I always try to get in line for yogurt when it isn't very busy .I'm so slow in the topping section trying to make my yogurt look pretty hehe.
*eating my feels away*
Between every  bite of milky tangy yogurt, he would let his dog lick the spoon clean. Wiping away any excess slobber with a napkin he continued to share his treat!  Even though other strangers looked disgusted, he didn't have a care in the world and his dog  seemed incredibly happy and thankful to have a best friend. This made my day.~
There were a lot of cute doggies at the mall today!

In the middle of taking photos, these dudes came up to my brother and I ! As they were crossing the road towards us, the black tanked fellow shouted:  "HEY GURL ARE YOU A MODEL??!!"
They were really, really friendly. Exchanging info and small talk,  I kinda wish I recorded them doing a freestyle rap for us, it was pretty cool. We decided to take pics. Don't I look even more gangster standing next to them..!?
thug life#

lol a dude in a rainbow wig randomly walked by.

1.) Silver bracelet- Forever 21 (borrowed from older sister!)
2.) Pastel Blue Dorothy Gingham bow-   From my shop! I give away random cute bows like these with every order. :3 Support me and order something cute! click here.
3.) Sunglasses- PacSun (birthday present!)
4.) Blue cardigan- I think this may be from Sears.. It's really old and it was bigger in high school, I'm glad I didn't throw it out!
5.) Just a black camisole. You can get it from Forever 21 for about $3? Or one of those 3 for $10 deals. Since my sister has been working at Forever 21 for years now, she has about every color! And I borrow a lot of clothes or receive handy-downs hehehehehe.
6.) Red polka dot peplum high-waisted skirt- Forever 21- (Another item from sister!)
7.) White Angel Wing Platform Shoes- Ebay
8.) Black knee high socks- Forever 21 ( I have like 4 pairz of these)

Had salmon,udon,and other rolls with  Marc, my cousin, and lil bro! When we were done, we played balancing games with coins, and then we went to the arcade to play more.!

WHAAAT THE HECK IT SAID I PASS IF I SHOOT FOURTEY FIVE BIRDS OR MORE AND I SHOT FOURTEY FIVE IT SAYS RIGHT THERE!!! IT SAYS RIGHT THERE!!!!!! (This is a picture taken of my while I was flailing my arms around like a madwoman because I couldn't understand why I lost ;__;
*srs face*
When I am feeling down sometimes I go to the arcade and rage fire random shooting games.. Screaming and putting a ridiculous amount of feeling into it.  I'm not even that great hehe. But it somehow helps take your mind off of things in a humorous way.
I so sexxi~

 1.) My bangs need a trim! Bobby pins are awesome.
2.) Demi false eyelashes from Red Cherry! And GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Grey lens.
3.) Matcha Green Tea Icecream from Baskin Robins. (I hope they keep this flavor! There's little bits of tea leaves, I was afraid it would taste like soap, but it didn't and it was sooooooo yum.)


Pretty interesting day/night.


  1. I bet those guys were likedamn she's gorgeous!! Cuz gurrl u GOR-geous! I love the fact that your clothes are not fancy high brands like many bloggers post. Cause not everyone has a big wallet. =^.^= more posts!

  2. ^agree!
    love ur style!


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