Saturday, January 26, 2013

Krizko is a pastel pony haired, bed cuddling bacon eater.

Hello! This will be a really lazy casual post. It won't be as fancy as my previous ones so I hope you don't mind. Here are a bunch of pictures I took of my colored hair! If you guys want to know how I did it, then let me know. :3  The colors pastel pink, blue,green and lilac are in it! Isn't it magical looking ?!

Natural lashes in the photos above, and false lashes in the photos below.~ I'm using GEO Princess MiMi Chocolate brown circle lens! If you want to purchase lens, you can use my 5% discount code at! [click]
Discount code: KRIZKO
I think these lashes were Demilashes from Ardell btw! *please excuse how messy it looks I was rushing ok*
-Lips = Revlon Just bitten Lip Balm Stain (I mixed the color Rendezvous and Precious!)
Btw* that necklace you see me wearing is a bottled fairy! (mini glass bottle with glitter in it) But I got it with one of my friends when I was recovering from a past downfall..BUT I AM COMPLETELY GREAT AND HAPPY NOW DON'T WORRY. Anyways, you're suppose to sprinkle the glitter above your head and let if fall on you like magical fairy rain and a fairy will magically enter you and heal you and make you stronger so you can overcome whatever it is you're going through. I got it from a souvenir shop! It's really cute.  I'll do a tour of it someday because it's one of my favorite little shops ever! <3
I doodled a mandala with a crayola color pencil this morning. Had one of my favorite teas (Irish Breakfast Tea with a bit of cream) bacon, homemade buttered pandesal (bread)  with scrambled eggs!  Random fact: That green Kerropi pencil sharpener has thiscute pinball-like game on it, and it was my favorite pencil sharpener in the whole wide world BUT NOW ITS GONE NOOOOOOooOOoooooOooooooO I am so sad why did you leave me please come back, where did u go. :C

ANYWAYS YEAH. I think I'll post a bunch of these non serious casual posts every now and then heh. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!~
*I'll maybe come back later to edit this post and make it better but I'll leave it as is hehehe I'm already behind....I literally have about 6-7 posts that need to be published.. LOL Oh well. Atleast I know this blog won't be dead again for awhile!~**

Thank you for reading! Comments are appreciated! And if you leave your blog url I'll stop by and check you out+leave a comment! <3


  1. I love your hair. Tutorial please!!!!! Krizko you're a doll.

  2. How did you color and bleach your hair? Is your hair really damaged now..? Sorry if this is offensive just wondering!! your hair is so light :O

  3. Do you have any other circlelens shops to reccomend?

  4. How much is international shipping for your shop krizko? I love love love your headbands, they are perfect.. Just like you!

  5. Oh, wow! A hair tutorial would be really great, Krizko!! I've been wanting to get pastel hair for a long while now except I'm starting to doubt a full head of pastel and your hair seems like a perfect style to start out with for me (since I don't think I want to go all out just yet). It looks fantastic on you though!

  6. Aw, I love the necklace. Looking forward to a tour of the gift shop!

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  8. You're so adorable and I love your style! btw is there any other way to follow your blog than bloglovin? ; ; I'd love to follow but I don't use bloglovin /sobs


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