Monday, January 14, 2013

Krizko is a ramen eating, sequin sparkling, red bow wizard.

Hi again! I'm feeling much better today! These are pics from the other night- I ate at a new restaurant called "Oritsu Ramen" and it was pretty tasty! It's funny because whenever a new store or place to eat launches here on our little island of Maui, word of it spreads around like wild fire. And it's a really huge thing because we don't have much activities to do here. We have our paradise perks, from hiking or hanging at the beach, but  night out activities are low compared to being in a city of course! One of the first things I think about is whether or not the restaurant  will float or sink.. I know that seems pretty negative but it's a common sight to see here. You see a lot of businesses start where the first few weeks are busy, but in the end it becomes dead. When a shop or restaurant first opens, I am always observant of the workers and the managers because it seems they know this too. There is always that slight nervous look in them that interests me, the way they scope out the room for any needy customers.... they're on top of their game and in a way it's nice because it's like having a dinner + movie. LOL. And I mean this in no offensive manner, I'm just a very observant person who is amused easily.

1.) I wasn't really feeling for something hot so I ordered the "Chicken Cold Noodles!" (you cant see it in the photo below because it's cropped out heh. woops.) Also, the people I arrived with (My sister, her boyfriend, and my little brother) ordered a ramen and curry so we all wanted to try each others meals!~
2.) I thought it was cool to have the option of adding a side order of bacon! I have a friend who came to just eat a side order of bacon and rice.. LOL
 My brother got the hamburger curry plate (I think)
 And my sister and her boyfriend both got ramen!~
Here's my cold chicken noodles! I was a little disappointed because I was hoping it would be soba noodles as I am a huge soba lover ! Oh well. It was topped with veggies and mushrooms, and the soba broth was  light and yummy. The whole thing was simple but tasty and I ate it all hehehe.

It was way, way , way better than the soba noodles I tried at Ramen Ya ! (see photo below) It was pretty but it was too tangy and gingery and the smell of metal in it turned me off. And don't get me wrong. I love sour and tangy things, and especially anything ginger  as  I can even enjoy eating it raw.. But I either got a bad plate on a bad day or their ginger was sitting in an open can that you could taste or smell alluminum- I just did not enjoy it at all. Ramen ya is still one of my favorite places to eat as everything else on their menu is delicious and perfect,  but never again will I try their soba.. ;___;

 ok walking back to the car to go home!~Sorry about the bad quality photos, I took them with a pretty low resolution to save space in my sd card .. But they will get better soon! *so much videos*
 pout pout because Whole foods didn't have the original shortcake I usually get ;__;
 This is me taking photos before we left for dinner.. I changed into those wompy black boots because these flats aren't very comfortable.  I always seem to get blisters at my heel wearing them so I changed!
 ALSO**** You guys probably haven't even noticed it until now that I mentioned it... BUT! If you ever happen to see something odd up my skirt, HEHE MY PENIS jk kjkjkjkjk maybe (easier to see with these stair upskirt angles) it's just shorts! I always  wear shorts under skirts to feel secure.. ** I'm paranoid that some creep will take upskirt photos !! It's happened before and since then I have always been cautious.**
 1.) Pure Red Bunnyband from my shop! It's one of my top fav bunnybands because red is such a classic color . ^__^ You can purchase the same bunnyband here! [click]
2.) "The Rock" black metal stuf tank top - Thrift shop! for 4 dollars~
3.) Jean mini skirt- This is REALLY old. It used to be a loose fit in high school but now that I've grown it's so itty bitty on me!! I forgot where it's from, though I don't think you guys would want to know anyway, it's just a plain ol' jean skirt.~
4.) Tan/Red mini floral coverup- This was bought at Wet Seal on the sale rack.. The rack was full of these and they were marked down so low I was confused as to why no one really wanted these, it's so cute! It's really light and flowy and I feel sexy wearing it over a nightie hehe. :3
5.)Black lace knee high socks and black boots- Both from Forever 21
6.) Glow in the dark hand sanitizer gifted from my friend Gem! Chocolate Chip Cookie Plush from my shop! I love sticking this on my purse or just anywhere random, it adds a kawaii vibe to any outfit. heheheh. You can get one here! [click] Lastly, a reversible compact strawberry bag for groceries~
7.) Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake to go cup from Wholefoods! I am a slave for these. I usually get the original though heh but they didn't have it ;__: IT WAS STILL HEAVEN THOUGH. GET ME THIS AND I WILL KISS UR FEETS<3
I love how versatile these headbands are! Someday I'll do a tutorial on a bunch of hairstyles!~

1.) GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Grey circle lens!  I did a review on these in  this post.~ [click]
 Ardell Demi lashes, some silver eyeshadow at the inner corners, dark brown shadow at outer corners. Maybelline Eye studio Gel Liner in blackest black!

2.) -Lips = Revlon Just bitten Lip Balm Stain in "Precious"  But did a slight stain in the center with Revlon's "Cherries in the snow"


Okay that's it for now! Check out my tumblr blog here! As I update it much more frequently with photos that interest/inspire me! Comments will be greatly appreciated and I will try my best to pay a visit to your blog and do the same! Thank you for reading! Bye bye~~~


  1. You're really kawaii!! :3 keep posting please no judging here i luv all the pics because your so cute to look at i just want to squeeze your cheeks!! im a girl btw so dont worry lol!! xD <3

  2. where did you get those circle glasses??? i need those in my life :cc you are so cute its unfair :c

  3. Haha, I thought I was the only one who kept my jean skirts lol. You make them look fun to wear. And that floral cover up is real cute, I use to have so many floral patterns and regret giving them away :( What kinds of stores do you shop at? Anyways great post!!

  4. Ooo, I've eaten their before - that restaurant wasn't as good as I thought it'd be i remember being so hungry then was like yuck, hehehe. It was my first visit there but What is it really like living in kahalu maui?

  5. You're too cute <3 I love the way you section off areas in the picture to reference the item!


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