Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pastel bangs, outfit of the night, Url/name change, new theme, art talk/ chibis, and blogger spotlight!~

Wow wow wow wow! This is going to be a really ~*~* interesting~*~*~ post! There will be outfit posts, two blogger spotlights, and of course, more of my favorite messages! I love you all so much. <3
Meow! The photos below are actually from a month or two ago to be honest.. I have tons of photos on my computer right now, so I've been a little slow on posting! But I promise I'll get back in the habit! This is me at our local mall~ We stopped by for some iced lemonade from Hot Dog on a Stick.

I went to LnL and got my usual locomoco! It's pretty much beef patties, a fried egg, and gravy! I'm drooling as I type this because I haven't eaten lunch yet! ;___; So sorry if this post seems a little rushed, I'm planning on grabbing some grub the second I hit publish. ~~

We stopped by Starbucks! look at my feets~

I can never own a pair of fishnets without accidentally ripping them D:

i has a flower in my head

1.) Vest - Thrift store for 3 dollars!
2.) Floral Dress- Forever 21- My older sister got me these! It was apparently in the sale section hehe, I'm lucky to have a sister who works there and brings me random gifts! I love her. <3 (btw shejust started a blog where she posts photos of her outfits! You should check it out! here.[click])
3.) Dark Green Striped Shoes- Forever 21- I bought these a really long time ago... I love the color green *U*



Alright, so let's talk about one of my favorite things to do!
I've always admired how fun mix and match outfits look.  I used to be pretty shy and quiet in high school, but in the inside I was very "colorful", weird and awkward. Dressing the way I did  was sort of my way of expressing myself since I would usually be too scared to speak up and show my personality through socializing! I later gained lots of friends so that shy part of me wasn't around as much.  It was sort of nostalgic to dress in this quirky style again!

Here is an example of how I used to dress in highschool! These are really old photos when ~*~* scene~*~*~ was in, don't laugh at me!!!~

And me now!~

If you haven't recognized her yet, the woman below is known as "Ugly Betty."
This is one of my top favorite tv series, I'm so sad they stopped airing it after 4 seasons. :(  I would explain what it's about but I could literally write a whole page about it... shrug/
I recommend anyone with a quirky sense of style to watch this.
You can watch all episodes here:
If you actually do watch it, please let me know what you think! ^__^

Other examples of mixed pattern outfits~

I think mixing patterns are so timeless, I WILL DO THIS UNTIL I AM AN OLD WOMAN I TELL YOU!!!


hi im sitting in the back of a truck, we're going to Walmart!

having photoshoots in the back of trucks hell ya

 getting some cat food for my kitty

oh no!!~ u caught me off guard looking a greeting cards~~~ lololol
i was really looking for a birthday card.. and I told my little brother to follow me around and take photos hehehe

Btw~ I made this huge dolly head wrap! I will be selling these soon once my supplies come in the mail!~

Daw princess section~

here is a bunny u can have it

playing a game and losing

r u still taking pictures

no mom they dont have chicken nuggets here

i should have gotten a basket to hold everything

american savings bank ad

"i cant believe i forgot to buy nailpolish remover" i whispered as i walked out the door
**btw you can see alot of acne scarring on my cheeks in this photo lolol noooooo

more truck photoshoots~*~*~

the truck was making a really sharp turn..lolololol

the stars were out too it was so pretty~

omg super high flash makes my skin look so ~*~*~ flawless~*~*~*~
I really am not this pale btw, I'm more of a olive tone, these photos were just taken with a really high flash+bluish filter! I felt it would compliment my pastel hair much better hehe.

Btw, I made this "Huge Dolly Minty Floral" Wire headband! Get yours here: [click link below]

I throw in free bows wih every order! Also, if you spend more than $35, you get free shipping! <3
sexy leg time~
Since the whole outfit was pretty loose, "un attractive" and geeky looking, I wanted to add a sexy little detail.
Fishnet thigh highs!

This is my furby! I named him Yoohoo. ( a friend helped me name it <3) Like the chocolate milk.

Btw, do you guys like my new banner?!?! I made it myself! I'm still pretty new to drawing with my tablet, so this took a VERY LONG TIME. I don't use photoshop so it isn't as easy as it looks. EVERY STITCH LINE you see here was done INDIVIDUALLY. It took forever, oh my goodness but I like it!
I'll be running my blog in a really fun and different way from now on! I'll be posting a lot more outfits, art/crafts, and even answering some advice/questions publicly here~ I'll be doing alot of blogger spotlights too. THERE'S GOING TO BE SO MUCH STUFF AHHHH I CANT WAIT.

Hi! So here is a project I'll be doing  in my posts.
About a week ago, I posted something on tumblr along the lines of:
It quickly got reblogs in the first few minutes so I messaged those who made it. Since I wanted to personalize every chibi, I had to spend a few minutes looking through their blog to get to know them a little better. In the end I decided to turn this into a little "blogger spotlight" fun thing to put on my blog! I love each and every one of my followers and thought this would also be a great way to get to know them a little better as a "thank you " for following me! Also, it's great drawing practice.
So here is one of the bunch who reblogged my post! I will do the others in future blog posts! So please be patient with me !  ^_____^

His name is Rudy, and here is his url:

Here are pictures of the drawing progress! I kinda made the hair a little more crazy I hope you don't mind! I think the end result could have been better, but I tried to keep it as simple as possible.. He has a pencil in his pocket and is holding a notebook because he likes to write!

I used the photo below as a reference heheheheh.

*BTW*** If you are not comfortable with your images on my blog, please message me and I will take them down at any time **

I learned that he's a really great writer. If you look at his "personal" tags, you can see all of his text posts.

He also enjoys photography, and takes awesome pictures too. :O Here are a few of my favorites!

I love ramen .

So yeah. You should visit his blog, he likes fashion/writing/photography, and has really good taste too. You should totally follow him if you're into those things! Here is his url again if you missed it! Thank you Rudy for being such an awesome follower! ^_^

Besides doing follower spotlights, I'll also be posting my favorite "kawaii" blogs! I admire blogs that put so much effort into oozing all things cute.
I've been following this blog for awhile and it's one of my top favorites! Behold, Sakurabonbon!~

I doodled a matching little name to match her layout ^__^ Maybe someday in the future I'll draw a cute lil chibi!
BUT LOOK AT IT. ISN'T THE BLOG ADORABLE?! I love how everything she posts matches the theme /layout. I wish I could do this, but I just re blog anything that looks cool to me !! ahhh!!
Every time I visit it,  my insides go "awww!" and all the kittens in the world start purring. It posts pastel stuff, fairy kei, lolita fashion, art, sweets, and other cute content. Here are a few screen shots!~

Not only is the blog cute, but so is the owner,  Shirley! I love her style *U* I want to pinch her cheeks. <3

Three facts about Shirley that I learned:
1.) She began blogging in June 2012.
2.)She is lactose intolerant!! But she replaces it with soymilk.~ yum!
3. She wears Nongshim Shin cup socks. 
I like these alot.

And that's it! <3 If you liked what you see then you should definitely follow! (If you already aren't) Just in case you missed it, here is her url:

Thank you for running an A+ kawaii blog Shirley! ~~ You rock my fuzzy socks~<33333

Here are my favorite comments from my previous post, and from the past few days!<3  If you want to be in my next post, leave me an interesting message! If you have a blogspot, comment this post with your url~  I would love to check you out!<3
@jw0wma- Thank you! I'm so happy you enjoyed it . Keep smiling! <3
@anon- Thanks. The green jacket actually belongs to my older sister, and I believe she got it from Forever21.
@pastel-cutie- Ahhhh!! no YOU are. And I wish we were too ;_; I hope one day we'll meet irl <3

@sunnydangelo- Thank you so much! You have a nice life as well.

@shaygee-  SHAY<333 It's been so long! I miss you terribly. *flings poo with corn it at you*

@isobelnecessaryonabicycle- OMFG U HAVE A LONG URL NAME LOL. But thank you, thank you!<3

@lladorkablell- Awwww! Thank you so much. I need to watch K-on again, hehe. Thank you for your kind words<3

@anon Thank you!
@princeoftokyo- Hi! No problem! ^__^ And thank you! And yes, we totally should.  :3 Message me!
@team-krill- Thank you! That was very nice.
@istitchyoubitch- ily too bb<3333

@fiastuckinwonderland- Ahhh, yay! Thank you so much. I was afraid people wouldn't be very happy about my name change! Thank you, I hope you have a nice day/night as well!<333

@animeftw- Hi Krystal! And dawwww at having the same name! ^____^  Thank you for being such a loyal follower, I am honored to be one of your favorites! And yes! I would totally love a drawing!I love drawings! just tag me or message me, I would be very excited. <3 You are not being annoying at all, infact, you're very much appreciated. <3 Thank you so much for being an awesome follower.~<3
@faeriedraik - Yes! And Yayyyy!!!! ~*~*~*Reunited and it feels so gooooood~*~*~*~*~
I love you too. I'm glad we're back in each others life. <3 *hugs and holds you close*

@2thfairy- Ah, thank you so much for reading!<3 And yes he sould. :3 hint hint~
And oh yes there will definitely be long posts. Especially if it has to do with him <3

@chibijae- Ahhh no problem! And oh my goodness, someone as awesome as you being excited about me?! asdfghjkl I'm so very happy, and reading this made me feel all warm inside . Thank you for your message, I hope you have a good day too.<333

@ayeiadoreu-Youuuuu! I recognize your name because I always see you liking all of my posts on tumblr! *squeals* You're the best! Thank you so much for being such an awesome reader. You are so consistently friendly  and I appreciate you so much! It's people like you that make me feel like my posts won't ever go unread and that's a very happy feeling! Thank you.

click the image above to ask me a question if you're from tumblr!<3 If that doesn't work you can ask me here.  Or you can leave me a comment on my blogspot with your url! <3

Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed my blogpost! Till next time!<3
If you have more time to burn, you should view my other posts on this blog<3


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