Friday, September 6, 2013

Bart Simpson, Bunny Ear Beanie, Exploring with Shadow, Sand Hill Patchwork Dress Pictures and more!

Hello kitties!<3
Here is yet another post I had fun working on! Remember, I'll be posting every Sunday and Wednesday (or at least twice a week) so please come back soon okay?! *gives you a chocolate dipped pretzel* Again, like I said in my last post, these photos are about 4-6 months old! Hehe I've been taking many pictures and then became un-active again.. so I fell behind on posting... :c But! I will try my best to get back up to date!!!I l luv u all, thank you for all the cute comments<333 ( I know this is a day late and I'm so sorry!!! *bows down* I've been so busy with art commissions!! *sneakily changes date to Wednesday* heuueheuehueuehuhe)

i want a beard

What and Wear from:
1.) Pastel Multi-colored Bunny Beanie- Made by me! You can get yours here.[click]
2.) GEO Princess MiMi Chocolate Brown Lens
3.)Pastel Pink and Lilac Gingham mix wire headband- From my shop! You can buy yours here.[click]

It's so cute... I love it! If you want cat ears or no ears at all instead.. then let me know in the shipping notes during checkout. I can customize it for you!~ ^___^ ALSO, if you are from US, if you spend over $35, you get free shipping!<3

Alright so I have a huge sand hill in my backyard but in order to get to it, you have to get past a wall and hike up this sandy weeded hill to reach the top!! I used to go up there a lot when  I was little and dig holes and find bugs and collect rocks and stuff.. ...... or yell "HALLLLPPPPPPP MEEEEEEeeee" to helicopters flying by...
noone came...
no one ever came
no one


Anyway it was really funny because my cat Shadow and I literally spend our days in my little room cave so we don't really go outside much... And so I thought it would be nice to take her with me.. she was so scared.. and confused but I took her with me anyway to get some fresh air u kno~

GASP YOU CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD ~ im not a model~ *poses with cat*

alright shadow welcome to your new litter box

she ended up really loving it, and took sand baths and pooped/peed everywhere.. She got super hyper, it was really cute.<3 And she followed me around! :D

*rolls in dirts*

*pees in dirt* ~*~*~so magical~*~

there's a bunch of plants and pathways.. I wish there were flowers up here.. maybe I should plant them
idk but I doodled some anyway eheheheheheh~~


omg shadow im trying to have a serious cute photoshoot here can you quit pewpin in my shots gosh

oh yes im so sexxi with cat urinating in background mm gurl yes werk

*urine imprints

*taking off hair tie*

if you cover my dress i look nekkid o m g~ jkjk LOL wat have i done
BTW these pictures are a good example of how ONE of my eyelids have a bigger crease than the other!!! It used to bother me but I think it's pretty cool nao

btw i wasn't planning on taking off that bart shirt
so I didn't wear a strapless bra..
so if you see the strap tucked in..
or wondering why I seem to be always having my arms up
it's either because the dress
is slipping down
or the strap is showing ok
back to srs pix


*dramtic walking away pic~*~*~

*fixes top*

hi guys okay prepare for random doodling.. I may have gotten carried away.. but its ok this is my blog and it matched my ~*~*~ artsy doodle~**~ theme  ok

hehehehehe it was so cute because my cat at one point just sat and watched me pose and take pictures.. This is what I imagine what was going through her head
l o l o l o lo l ol l ol

harts 4 everywun

this is my good side

I'm wearing different circle lens in here btw!
These are called" GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Grey"
Use my code "KRIZKO" at

omg it was getting dark and shadow started acting weird as if she was ~~hearing~~ things.. so her kitty senses came out and she kept meowing and chirping at me and walking in the direction of home.. She would stop and check on me to make sure  I was following her hehe it was cool~

hurry the hell up damit quit takin pics

So I do this new thing where I randomly pick followers/bloggers that I enjoy, and I doodle their url or sometimes make a chibi out of them for fun! I do this to get to know my fellow blogging neighbors.. and to make new friends! ^__^
Today will be a "kawaii" blog spotlight! And it's for....... peachs0da!
You can follow her here.[click]

Her name is Deanna and she is so sweet! Leave her a ask, she'll happily chat with you! She posts all things pastel,frilly,cute,desserts, Japanese fashion, unicorns,kittens, pixel art, etc

Three facts I learned about cutie pie Deanna:
1.) She loves to read Murakami novels!<3
2.) She is 19 years old, and resides in San Fransisco!
3.) Her favorite gum is nicotine gum! Or Pink bubblegum~

Hehe that's it! She's a really nice girl with a cute blog! Check her out!~<3

@dekutree- omg pls dont die<3
@ofsunanddragons- Ah! You're right.. I get a bunch of headaches sometimes... but I learned to fluff my hair every now and then....I massage my head sometimes too! Also, when you have your hair up, try not to have it on too long. Or have all of the weight of the hair either pinned to a larger surface area of your head, (if that makes any sense) or have all of the weight sitting on top on your head! (like a high bun) These are all the tips I have hehe~
@sushiez- ah.. I think bleaching your hair will cause some level of damage no matter what.. BUT there are ways to lessen the damage and keep it healthy. First, never try bleaching from black to a light blonde in one night. Before bleaching, don't wash your hair for a least three days. I know that sounds gross but your hair's natural oils will help protect it. After bleaching, do not wash your hair much and do a few deep hair conditioners/overnight masks (I'll blog about my favorite here soon!)  And then wait for atleast 2-3 weeks before bleaching again. Try to get it to a pale yellow, and do NOT bleach again. Use toners that will take the yellow out! Or purple shampoo~ (google it) hehe I hope this helps!
I may do a hair post if anyone is interested?

@nocciola- Hey! I'm really happy to hear that my post inspired you! It's one of the top reasons why I share my personal life with you all.~ Thank you so much for messaging me. Reading your stories, or knowing people can relate to mine, is really comforting, and it helps keep me sane. I hope that things for you will get better, keep fighting! I'm always here if you need a person to vent to or lean on. <333
@mnemonic- I got them from Walmart in the hosiery aisle heheh it's really good quality for a good price!~
@anon- yes! I 've watched too much to mention and even remember.... I've watched K-on!, Chobits, Ben-to!, Elfen Lied, High School of the Dead, Highschool DxD, Dokuro chan, neon genesis evangelion , toradora,durarara..... there's sooo much i can't remember them all.. LOL But the current one I'm watch is: "Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun"
@anon- eat frozen banana

@anoncat-  you mewed me laugh so hard right meow
@hikki-ko-mori- hehehehe sorry! I get easily distracted wahhh ! I'm happy to be back as well! *gives you a balloon*
@traveler- I know  right ? hehe I really really like that yellow wall too. But not as much as I like you.<3

@random64- oh. my. goodness random I'm running out of ways to thank you LOL you leave the most awesome comments everrrrrr. Thank you so much for being one of the greatest followers ever. You're one of my best online friends hehe.. and I'll check out your work!<3 chat with you soon again random!~ your comments always brighten my day a bit! I'll try to get back to broadcasting soon as well :D

@Lorina Heartly- *screams* ah!!!! hey again!! And whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Do you reallllly?!??! ahhh that's such a compliment. hehe I lub you. <3 I always creep on your blog~ you're one of those types of people i check on every now and then when I get bored on the internet and need to pass time~ Your posts are always so cuute.<333 You and your husband are perfect together<3

ok bye

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