Monday, September 2, 2013

Krizko colorful day! An Arcade Sona inspired outfit, pigtail bows, And a instagram spotlight!

       Hello! ^____^ * blows whistle*
It's been about 3 months since the last time I updated... SORRY!!!! I promise ( I say this a lot) I'll go back to posting regularly again. My goal is to post every Sunday and Wednesday, so let's see how this works! I've been traveling a bunch, and have been documenting everything I do with photos. I guess I couldn't keep up with posting them as soon as I took photos, so they ended up growing to the point where I didn't know where to start.. T_____T I felt it would be weird to be posting pictures out of order so here you go! These are photos that were taken over 4-5 months ago. Slowly, and surely, I will get back up to date, so please bare with me! <3 I missed this. I hope you enjoy the pictures and other fun  kebabs<3 Oh, and for those of you wondering.. My much personal text posts will return soon as well... I'm just trying to get all of the pictures out of the way.. heh.

                                      ~*~*~ forever alone on bench~*~*~

                                      (I really like this gold wall heheheh)


            Sorry.. I kinda got carried away with doodling.. heheh.. heh.

                                      Hehe, while picking this out, the whole color scheme reminded me of "Arcade" Sona! <3            

                                  ~*~*~STORY TIME~*~*~*
I was at the mall and these two girls walked by and stopped in front of me....
Girl #1 asked: "No offense but why do you dress like this..?"  with a confused smug look on her face..
And then I just sweetly said: "I really like colorful things because it makes me feel happy."
Girl #2 quickly said :" I like what she's wearing, I think it's cute!!"
Girl#1 sort of elbowed her saying: "Well I wouldn't be able to pull this off.. lol"
Then I said : "I think anyone can pull off wearing a lot of color as long as they can wear it proudly.. Especially if they have colorful personalities, you know?"  *smiles*
Girl #1 was like: "Yeah I guess."
Girl#2 kindly said bye and waved  as they both walked away awkwardly.
*GAMEOVER icon hovering over Girl #1 head*
(this is a inside joke btw. When sona dies, a "game over" icon appears over her slain body)
heh. This is what I feel like happened as she walked away... heheheh
Anywho.. I thought that was a bit funny!!!

What and where from:

1.) Animal Patch Pigtail bows- From my online shop! You can buy it here. [click]

2.) Barney purple windbreaker jacket- And old gift from a friend (not sure where it's from, its over 3 years old! sorry!)

3.) Stretchy Teal shoulder-less top- Forever 21

4.) Mesh Neon green and pink dotty skirt- Forever 21

5.) Maxstar Platform converse style shoes- Ebay

6.) Also, it's not pictured here, but the clear purse  I was using is from Forever 21! <3

I throw in free bows with every order! <3
Also, if you spend more than $35 you get FREE shipping!


I had sushi with my nrother and friend Marc! I always take photos of abandoned/dropped/abused food hehehehehe.. pooor rice ball....

We played in the arcade!!

look at my feets


Hi! So I'm doing a instagram spotlight today! And it is.....

I love creeping her photos, she's such an amazingly colorful girl, it's inspiring, and uplifting. She has a  beautiful full head of dyed  hair, tattoos and not only is she a gem to look at- she does a lot of sweet DIY/creative stuff as well! Dream catchers, flower mandalas, and seashell jewelery.. she's wonderful. <3

If you don't know what a mandala is, google it, research it! It's also fun to doodle.  I could talk about it all day, and it pretty much is a symbol of balance in our universe, or to express a persons search for unity of the self. It's traditionally used for  Buddhism and Hinduism as an aid for meditation.~

The hand--like tattoo you see above, is called a "hamsa" It's a palm shaped sign of protection and is believe to provide defense against  the "evil eye."~*~*~**~

I girl crushed her so much that I needed to draw her! It wasonly supposed to be a chibi.. but I love drawing hair, and then I got carried away. heheh.. I drew legs, but I felt that it looked too boring, so I wasn't satisfied! I later turned her into a flower! LOL. BUT IT CAME OUT SO CUTE. It's so fun, and I think I'm just going to draw everyone else as inanimate objects.. Like insects, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and more. Then I'll compile them together so I can add a link on my blog to "My garden" of characters! AHHH I'm so excited.<3

        Tadah!  It's not perfect, but I'm trying to make it a rule to not spend too many hours on a single drawing... the point of this is to get to know my followers/improve my drawing skills! And this took 2+ hours, So welp. But it came out pretty cool amirite?! I'm so happy. <3

I usually pick followers at random but if you really want a flower pot drawing of yourself done, you can pre-order one  for $20  here.[click me]
(This is limited so hurry! I'm only doing a limit of 2 -3 a week, and I may discontinue this when I feel like it)

I know that $20 may seem like a lot for a digital drawing but I will be spending  2-4 hours on it, (not including the time we spend planning it)  and your drawing + website links + info will be displayed on my blog forever. I promote this blog through all my websites, and if you count all of the followers, it adds up to about 20,000 and growing  so it's sort of like a forever ad space.~
(Usually blogs offer a year of adspace for over 50 dollars!)
I'll email you as soon as you make an order to ask questions about your interests and  other info I could use to personalize your drawing! And if you're a male I can turn you into a cactus or a fruit or anything "garden related" really.   (Not everyone may be comfortable with being a flower.)  We'll talk about it.<3  
After we settle that, give me about  1-2 days to have everything completed. I'll send you HQ downloadable photos of the progress just like the one above as well. Cheers! <3

Hello! ^___^ Here are my favorite messages/comments of the week! These are pretty old so sorry about that heh...  When I am feeling sad I like to save all of these messages so I can read them later. They make me so happy. <3 I love you all!<3
@ lh-a:  Ahhhhhh!!!! I know D: I haven't been active lately, but I promise I'll be active more often!!! (hopefully)
@cherishment: WHAT VIDEO LOL. I hope it's not.... the ... pen.... video.....ehehehhehehe<3
@thhatlovelyunicornn: Ah, thank you, thank you, I love, YOU. <3333333 *kees*
@setaku : *covers ears* hehe... Thank you! Really appreciate it. <3

@noheartofind:  Thank you :D You are beautiful~

@fawndolly: Oh? tumblr can be weird sometimes! But I don't think it's possible to reply to fanmail anyway hehe.. but thank you so much!!! <333
@Stephanie: Ah!! Thank you so, so much, this is very kind. And oh nooooooooouuuuuuu!!! I was too slow :c Your blog name isn't the same anymore! If you are reading this, please comment with your new blog if you're still continuing it! I am still curious<3

@chibabbyy: Hey you!~ You posted this on my public comment wall, and it's been there for awhile so I hope it's okay that I have it here. If it isn't then message me! No problem. Thank you for writing such a long interesting comment, I can relate to most of these feelings, so I really appreciate that you shared this with me, it's sort of a satisfying feeling to know that other people have struggles of their own, and that you're not or were ever alone. I can understand where you're coming from, maybe not exactly of course, but I like to read these because I feel like I've been there once! And it's a really nice reminder of where I stand right now, if that makes any sense. So thank you! If you think writing out your feelings for someone to listen helps make you feel better, then message me, and I'd be more than happy to read any letters from you through the mail! Writing letters are also very therapeutic- I used to do it a lot, and to physically write something on paper, and to mail it on it's way to reach another person in real life has it's own different level of satisfaction when it comes to letting out some feelings. (sorry for the run-on sentence heh) anywho,  I hope things with you are great, have a nice day<3
@Jiru: Aw, thank you! thank you soooo much! Thanks for the motivation of the day<3
@random64: Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, RANDOM64! You're like one of my favorite online friends, you're always so supportive, and you're one of the greated mods I've ever had in my broadcasts. i always get so happy when you're around. Please don't ever change. About the Sugar-pet name... You're right! I like anything sweet whether it be treats, or a personality. Pet just seems like such an innocent and playful word to me! I like to be "petted" on the head and IDK Sugarpet all together kinda just sounds cute! My boyfriend nicknamed me this as well because we always try to come up with weird names.. so this was one of my favorites I guess! hehe.. And.... You should definitely make a blog and share more about yourself! I would be very curious and interested! Have a nice day and chat with you soon Random!~~ :D

If you have any questions, comments please go ahead and click the image above to leave one! INo message ever goes unread.<3 Also, I'm in the middle of putting new buttons and links to my sidebar, so check in a few hours for new stuff!!<3333 I love you all! have a nice day/night!<3

OH! And check out my recent video! <3

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