Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gift ideas for sisters! ( Or bestfriends!)

Gift ideas for sisters!

Here are gift ideas for sisters! (or best-friends) These items were inspired from things that reminded me of my sister, Kim. <3
-Makeup up bags-
You could put together a makeup bag with your favorite makeup products! Lip balms, eye shadow palettes, mascara etc.. Imagine how cute it would be to plan a future "sleepover"  or "girl's night"  and include items like leopard print pillows, clay masks or fluffy pink bunny slippers!

-Agenda Chic-
When she puts her mind to it, my sister is known to be obsessively organized and goal oriented! She loves making lists, and creating neat tasks that can be done in an orderly time. Squeezing in an hour of shoe shopping time between a doctor appointment and a jog at the park is something she'd do. Planners, journal books, colorful pens, watches, coffee/tea mugs, Starbucks gift cards and chic glasses to hide those sleepy eyes on-the-go are things that I felt went well together!~

Necklaces, hats, rings, bracelets, body chains, etc. My sister is an accessory-holic! I only included earrings here, but there was one in particular that reminded me of her! "In one ear, out the other" I swear whenever we have talks, she has selective hearing. She's on her phone a lot and sometimes doesn't realize I'm even talking to her. But it's okay! As her sister, it would make a funny (but cute) little joke gift.

-Perfume/body sprays-
I think it would only  be safe and okay to buy fragrances for family members and close friends. We all love them, it just may be weird to receive them from people who you hardly even know... You don't want people to assume you think they smell bad.  I know those chances are low but I think that thought has come up to many of our heads, right?! I also feel like the people who are closer to you will have a better idea of what kind of scents you would like...

That's it for now~   Btw sorry for missing about 5 days of blogmas! I'm in Oregon visiting my boyfriend for Christmas right now, I'll post about it soon! I'll make it up and probably post twice a day for the next week so please visit soon~ I have a bunch of posts scheduled this week! yay!<3

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