Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gift Ideas for your favorite cute little girls! Daughters, nieces, grand-kids, will love these gifts! And a little talk bout childhood / spoiling your kids.

Little girl's Christmas gift ideas

Hey guys! 
I had a really fun time putting this together!  These are things I would have loved if I were a little girl again.  (You can click on the image to see where they are all from!) I can't wait to have a daughter of my own because I swear she will be the cutest princess ever! I know we all want to spoil our children but sometimes I feel like there's a good and bad way to do it.

 I'd make sure that not only would she need to be a good sweet girl who deserved it, but I'd make sure that she worked hard for these things and that she understood how lucky she was to have them. A humble, honest, sweet little girl with a huge heart.

I remember dreaming of  having a barbie dream house- and even though my parents could probably afford it, my dad grew up in a poverty ridden country so he was very money strict. I ended up building my own with cardboard cereal boxes. I created a whole town with stores, where I eagerly cut out images from grocery newspaper ads and taped them onto shelves I made myself. I had friends who had everything, the barbie dream house, hot pink sports car, beauty salon, vanity table, life-size barbie head- and yet they wanted to come over and play with my makeshift town set! Not only did I grow up to be a PRO MASTER GOD AT CUTTING DETAILED MATERIAL... (Seriously I make awesome paper snowflakes and was always the student in the school group projects nominated to do all the cutting)
but it allowed me to be creative and inventive. And sometimes I think my father secretly knew this.  (Or he was just cheap lololol jk)

Anyway back to the gifts!
 -Cute designed bento boxes and lunch bags will make kids excited for home packed lunches~ I love packing lunches and am still practicing my ~kawaii~ bento making skills. hehe

-Cute frilly pastel dresses and jumpers


-A cute apron with painting/baking supplies. You can have baking/ craft  bonding dates with them, and still be (somewhat) clean.

-Btw I took the tamagotchi and cupcake beanie idea from my blogger friend : Pastel-mermaid [click to give her  visit]
She originally posted a few days ago asking for blog ideas, and I requested this whole little girl gift idea thing! She did it too, and it looked so fun, so I did it as well <3

That's it! I may do a part two since this is so fun!~
Thank you for reading, please come back again, and check out my older posts! <3

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