Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sugarpet eats at Planet Thai! I LOVE CURRY.

Hello readers!~
So a few months ago, (June) I went on a little roadtrip from California to Oregon to help my boyfriend move into his new place! We stayed at several hotels and ate at nearby restaurants or fastfood places... and one of them was a thai curry restaurant called: "Planet Thai."
I have tons of pictures so to make the posts less heavy and chaotic, I decided to break them down into little posts like this!~ 

Anywho, we came in after driving by it so much and we always wondered why it was always so busy... 
And now I understand.
 Their food is delicious. You get to pick whether you wanted beef, pork, shrimp, chicken, and tofu or all vegetables with your curry. I had the "Creamy Panang" Curry with beef which consisted of ground peanuts, bell peppers, green beans, and kaffir lime leaves. Trav got the "Traditional Red" curry with chicken and his had roasted red curry paste with coconut milk, bellpeppers, basil, and bamboo shoot. We shared the "
Tom Kha" soup and it was made up of  coconut milk cabbage, mushrooms. We chose to have shrimp in it, and it was soooooooooo good. 
Everything was in cute cast iron kettle style small pots (with handles because the bowls itself are extremely hot!!) Small wooden rice bowls, and literally everything about the restaurant design was humble, modern, and comfortable. And when I say humble, I mean that they were still able to give it a authentic feel while still being modern without coming off as trying too hard to look fancy or high end.....And I think sometimes for some restaurants, it's hard to achieve. And  I think that says a lot about their food too!  It was pretty busy and the vibe was really nice. All of the workers were kind and they gladly gave us extra containers to take home our leftovers since we were sooo full and didn't want to waste such tasty food.~

Also, here are other photos during the same week. We stayed at hotels in Oregon while going apartment hunting for Trav because we didn't have a solid place to stay yet. So we took his dog (Squishy) out on walks, and one of the places we stopped at was Coldstone!!! I have never eaten at coldstone yet (yes I am serious) so I was reallllllly excited and thankful for it<3

So yeah, here are some photos I took! Enjoy~

I really like moss... nature..texture.. so I tend to take random pix of things that I like~

dog leash thong

(squishy always gets tangled in his leash during walks lol this wasn't on purpose ok)

so pretty!!!! It reminds me of ocean waves~

I got the strawberry blonde ^___^  It's strawberry icecream with graham cracker crust crumbs, strawberries, and caramel!

 Ugh craving this right now.

"aren't you going to share some with me you punk"
"but you cant say no to this adorable face bb"

Annnnd selfie spam in the bathroom~


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