Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sugarpet eats Seafood ramen at Twin Dragon ! sluuuurp! sriracha dispenser ??!?!?!

Hey guys! =(^___^)=
Just a short simple post with a few photos today!~
These photos were taken during my family road trip in California at a mall called "The Outlets of Orange."  While my sister and mother were out shopping.. I was on the hunt for ramen. Craving for soup because the weather was gloomy and a bit drizzly~ I walked into the foodcourt and I was soon greeted by these workers who were giving out free samples.. It was soooo good, and after browsing other restaurants, I came back. I'm not exactly sure what I ordered but I think it was the house noodle special? It was like a seafood  style.. I think.

The manager greeted you and he was so friendly and bubbly, I felt very welcome! And.. they. had. a .....
It was just like a ketchup dispenser but with sriracha!!!! It was so funny because some dude walked in and was like " WOAHHHHHH MAN! YOU GOT A SRIRACHA DISPENSOR!! THAT'S DOPE!!!!" lol!

I liked what I got so I brought my whole family back to eat here, and we all happily got stuffed and even had extras to take back to the hotel..yay! 

BTW LOL, while I was eating outside (It's an outdoor mall) A HUGE GREEN BEETLE KEPT FLYING AROUND and it scared me!!! I don't mind bugs, but they freak me out when they start flying around your head or close to you.. I  won't bother with them if they don't bother me, but I was paranoid about this one because I was afraid about it going into my food! One of the girl workers kept laughing because I was pretty much the only person who sat outside and she tried "shoo-ing" it away but we both just laughed about it because the beetle was so crazy hehehe but I didnt mind! The beetle ended up just chilling on the fence thing, and I watched it while I finished my food~

And that's it! Don't forget to check my recent posts~ I'll be posting every day until Christmas! <3 love you guys! <3

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