Monday, December 9, 2013

Sugarpet goes on a sushi date with big sister! Pastel OOTN and cute stuff from the 99 cents store!~

(Top-Forever 21,  Skirt- Thrift,  shoes-

Hello viewer!~
I'm doing pretty okay with this "blogmas" thing! It's actually feeling much easier as every day goes by....If you guys don't know what I'm talking about., Blogmas is a little way to give back to your followers for the holidays by posting at least one post every single day until Christmas. This is also a great way to get in the habit of posting actively, so I'm using this month as a warm up to become a better blogger for the New Year! (No more month long hiatuses! Yay!)

Again, these photos were taken months ago.. and I'm trying my best to finally post all the 2013 pictures I've been hoarding by the end of this year.  This one is particular is a sushi date with my older sister, Kim!

We had sushi, then walked around a parking lot to take OOTN (outfit of the night) photos, and browsed a few stores.. The ones I shared are from what's supposed to be a 99 cents store.. but they sold a lot of normal priced things too. I like going in here because the girls toy section seem to be full of old 90's "beauty" toys for little's really cute! That and candy is cheap here.

My sister also has a blog:
She hasn't really been updating lately, but I'm going to try and push her into getting back into it soon again!
Enjoy the pics!~

check out my nails gurl

Don't forget to check my older posts!~ Have a nice day, afternoon, night!<3

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