Monday, December 16, 2013

Sugarpet gore mouth makeup photos !


So another set of old photos I've taken~ I took these 2 years ago on Halloween and these photos have been circulating the internet without appropriate credit. Sites like  (click to view the silly comments lol)   And not to mention many tumblr blogs spreading my photos with thousands of notes and incorrect sources. But hey, that's the internet, and I've gained many new followers because of awesome people who have lead  these viewers to me. So if any of you see these photos circulating again, please let people know where it came from and I would appreciate it~  And if not, then it's okay too. I just wanted to clarify that these belong to me, and I really just wanted to share them with you on my blog!~ Enjoy!

Speaking of credit, I had alot of help creating this by watching a lot of youtube videos, but it was mainly  a video from a youtuber called "Petrilude" and you can view the video here.
I wanted mines to look much more cartoony/animated so I extended it way past my cheek because I wanted it to be sort of creepy in a exaggerated smiling way!  hehe



I saw homestuck at the mall! yay! ^__^


btw my lover bestfriend sent me the photo above because she thought I could remake it into a photo! She's the girl in the video  we made together below:


                                                 This is the same costume but about 4 years ago! This gif of me spread around reddit without proper credit so here it is!
She had given me a seifuku, and at the time my hair was really short so I made this gif  in 2009 and it circulated many different threads/websitesincluding 4chan, redditfacepunchpennyarcade,  tumblr, etc  (the words in bold are clickable links! It has even been the center of a facebook page here. (It used to have over a thousand fans but it's previous page was reported for being too "inappropriate"  l o l

Here is a list of sites my where my
photos/gifs were shared on. I would list more but here are the ones I could find within 20 minutes:

That's it! Don't forget to check tomorrow and my old posts as i will be posting everyday!~

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