Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sugarpet has some tea at Barcode! An "Asian Fusion" coffee/tea shop in San Jose, California.

Hello viewers! =^___^=
So about a month after visiting my boyfriend, I went on a huge road trip with my family! I took loads of photos so here are a few! My sister's bestfriend lives in California so they met up at a place called "Barcode"
It's a cute place that has over 50+ flavors of hot/cold/milk/bubble tea! Coffee, and snacks like sweet potato fries , dessert fruit crepes, and fried chicken bites And not to mention that they have free wifi! It just seems like a perfect place for teens to hang out, and I'm so jealous because I wish we had a place like this.


I didn't realize it until looking at the photos.. but oh my goodness LOOK AT ME FOREVER ALONE . 
Just kidding! (ish) I was here with my family and friends and they all split up into two different tables.
 (My family and my sister + her friends. )
It was my sister who got the crepe and I just asked to take a pic of it btw.. but she said it was good! I got a Jade princess hot tea, and it was soooooo yummy.

When we first came in, the workers looked very annoyed, and since it was our first time here, we took a while to figure out what we wanted because they have such a huge selection of flavors!
The cashier even asked: "Are you guys ready to order yet?" In a annoyed tone.  They just looked like they didn't want to be there. My mother has bad english so she had trouble ordering, and they were getting impatient I guess. I was very bothered by this and I swore to come home and write a bitter review... But after reading all the bad reviews they've already gotten for their customer service, I put it aside. 

I felt bad because after looking into it I learned that they were all just highschool/college students working late night jobs.. dealing with customers everyday who can't pick between 50+ flavors of tea.. It seems like a hot spot for teens so maybe they're just sick of it. I mean it's not your usual place where you get a decently balanced ratio of mature adults, and brats.. It's not like they have a simple menu like Mcdonalds.. I mean cmon, it's a small casual cafe with less than 10 dollar priced snacks and beverages.  It's not a 5 star restaurant with waiters at your side. I think it's okay to feel annoyed for their behavior but it's no big deal. If I liked the tea and desserts, I'd still come back. And I do!  I'd come back. Though not everybody is going to think this way, I hope the best for them!

Slurp slurp sip sip ok bye! <3~ Don't forget to check my recent posts~ <3

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