Friday, December 13, 2013

Sugarpet temporarily dyes her hair dark ash brown !~

Hey guys! Here are some old photos I took when I dyed my bleached hair a dark ash brown color! This was months ago.. But right now my current color is a light ash/copper brown? I'll be posting pics of my current hair color tommorow :3 Enjoy~
Flower crown- actually a flower lei i cut short LOL... I just wanted to take pics of my hair and threw this on.. hehe
Green cardigan- Urban Outfitters
shorts/top/shoes- Forever 21

My dad is a landscaper/gardener/farmer and our yard is full of flowers and other pretty plants and decorations. His care and passion for his hobby is always such an inspiration to me~  Maybe someday I'll take a huge photo tour of our yard! 
The lens in these pics are one of my top favorites. It's the EOS Adult brown series! ~
Use my promo code : KRIZKO
That's it! Don't forget to check my blog tomorrow for a huuuuuge set of pics I took of my new hair! <3~
have a nice day/night/morning/afternoon! <3333


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