Friday, December 6, 2013

Sugarpet tries her first Italian Cream Soda! Creamy tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich break with the BF at Lair Hill Bistro cafe.


Hi guys!~  Just a short post about a little stop my boyfriend and I made during apartment hunting!~ 

(No I am not moving in with him................................ yet ;p )

After checking out a disappointing apartment, we desperately walked through urine stained tunnels and past heavy traffic in search for a place to use a public bathroom.. Silly me spent way too much time examining cabinets and looking for flaws in the apartment  ( LIKE TRACES OF COVERED UP MURDER ) that I didn't think of using the bathroom......

We wandered into this cute neighborhood and stumbled across a cafe/sandwich shop called: "Lair Hill Bistro." Since we are such ~good well mannered citizens~  (lol) we decided to have a sit to eat AND use their bathroom. lolololololol. It was a special area to me because the environment was sooooo serene with the shady green trees and not to mention  a pastel PINK home directly across from us... It just seemed like a sweet innocent place to have some tea and cookies compared to your usual busy coffee shop in a city... Crowded with business people in a rush... Surrounded by lit laptop screens with preying thick rimmed eyes over them.. for the next open outlet for grabs ....  *whispers*


This place was different.

  It was full of people with their hands wrapped around ceramic mugs to keep warm, because they chose to sit outside in the midst of such sweet peaceful scenery~  Groups of silver haired  neighbors having a friendly chat over steamed espresso and sesame bagels... Or the man reading a newspaper while casually licking his thumb to turn a page.. Unknowingly wiggling his mustache to a speck of ground pepper at the corner of his mouth- the remains of a delicious pastrami sandwich.  (They're supposedly known for having great pastrami sandwiches!)

 It was like a ~hidden~ cafe in a neighborhood and I felt ~special~ sitting here. Especially with a person I like!~ heheheheheheh

We weren't very hungry so we shared a yummy grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of creamy tomato soup. He got a cup of coffee, and  I tried my first Italian cream soda! You could choose from a lot of different flavors, and I got the hazelnut one.~

A lot of people have been commenting about my hair so here's a little lip sync video that was taken a few days after this!~ 

So yeah! That's it! Goodbye!

BTW  if you haven't already heard, I'll be posting EVERY DAY until Christmas! It's called 'blogmas" so i hope you guys enjoy!!!!

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