Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cute Undies ! Part One

Cute undies Part one

Hello lovely cookies<3
I am in love with adorable panties, so here are a bunch I picked out in a matter of minutes.  click on the image to find out where they are from! I think I'll post more like this soon, this was so fun to do, ah, I want them all.

Why buy really cute underwear if no one can't even see it..? That's the point! It's for you and only you (unless you have a lucky boyfriend) but I love wearing cute underwear because it makes me feel so cute! I feel like buying cute underwear is the best way to spoil yourself. I love lounging around the house in them with my favorite socks on.. sipping on tea or hot cocoa while you browse the internet- it's one of my favorite things to do ^___^ I love wearing long  loose flowy skirts and dresses because there's enough space to wear your cutest underwear, and people don't see the outlines. And to be the only person to know that makes me feel like a mischievous kitten.<3~

the next time you go out be sure to spoil yourself with a pair of comfy frilly panties, it's worth it. <3

Here's the selfie of the day<3 Hope you're having a wonderful day <3

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