Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sugarpet sees snow for the first time!

Hello lovely readers!  Guess what?!!~~  *lifts ear*
btw isn't this so cute we are both wearing bunny outfits hehehehehe.
I saw snow for my very first time! <3<3<3
Living in warm beautiful Hawaii is great, but we have summer (and some rain) all year long..It's great for outdoor adventures,  the beach, and showing lots of skin~ Which is wonderful because I love being surrounded by lush paradise scenery,  ice cold strawberry lemonade on hot days and summer dresses.~ 

 Though as much as I enjoy these... to be honest, I'm not a very outdoorsy person. I can't swim either. I was the weird girl in high school that admired "Harajuku" style fashion- I loved wearing multiple layers and knee high socks. Not only because of my adoration of the fashion, but I was scrawny and covered my body because I was insecure of being so thin. I wore  lots of loose baggy clothing at the time and got teased and judged for it not only because it was different than the usual attire- but obviously because it's Hawaii, and you're supposed to dress accordingly to warm weather! Though I didn't care and fought  through the heat and sweat anyway. ~

My kind of perfect nights are the ones where I stay in my room sewing for hours -with a purring cat in my lap as I casually sip my favorite hot tea of the week.~ My happiest days are rainy days because I love to cozy up and drink hot cocoa with marshmallows. I love to slurp big bowls of  steamy ramen with a mountain of beansprouts. I find gloomy skies to be calming, and I feel so much more productive in cold weather because the heat makes me feel sluggish. It makes me want to lay on the cold tile floor all day..

I've always wished to live in a colder climate because of this, and I'm so thankful and happy to be able to have met my boyfriend and visit him to experience it! <3  For those of you who don't know yet, I'm in a long distance relationship, so every few months, we take turns visiting each other! I am currently here visiting him right now, and I've been here with him in Oregon for about three months now.~ He's the person that's been taking the majority of my photos, including these! (THANK YOU HUNNY! <3)  Hehe this was funny because it was unexpected. I was actually disappointed because I thought I'd be experiencing snow for the first time in December. But I guess winter came by late this year! ^___^ 

I can't explain how excited I was when I first saw the snow too, it was amazing. We always have all of our windows closed because if we had it open, other apartment homes and pedestrians could easily watch us sleep. and dance in our underwear I woke up this morning to take a warm bubble bath and listen to a Hayao Miyazaki music box style playlist. As I was getting clothed, I peeked out the window, and saw snow for the first time. It was  so~*~*~*magical~*~*~* to experience while the innocent music was playing in the background- it. was. just. perfect. 

I quickly got ready and we went out to play in the snow!~

So enough with the blabber, on to the photos!<3
Btw this is actually a cute icecream bubble container! I love it so much, you'll see more of it in my future photos hehehe.. the bubbles you blow also smell like icecream!

eat my icecream or I'll poop on ur throat

*walking towards field*

wutup im leaning on a tree

It was sort of tricky to take good photos because the snow was blowing in the direction I needed to face at to get the best lighting! There were sooooo many good shots that were ruined because snow landed up my nose and in my eyes and stuff LOL.
A pedestrian was walking their cute doggy~ hehe he/she was so friendly it ran up to me! how cute.~
We live next to a river~ We casually take walks through here. It was interesting seeing all the boat houses covered in snow~
*asian squat*
I was laughing because there were people in their apartments watching~~ I was embarrassu~~but having too much fun~~
I'll be taking more photos soon as the snow won't be here forever! I'm trying to take as much snow photos as possible hehe the weather says it'll only be around for this weekend D:
I have yet to make a snowman and proper snow angels!

If you enter your name in the comments below, I will try to write your name in the snow! But I'll probably pick the short names/ only pick a few! Have a nice day and till next time~

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