Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Youtube Star Christina Grimmie sings wrecking ball on the voice!

*Sips coconut juice*
Hi guys! 
I've been scrolling down my newsfeed and stumbled across a link  to Christina Grimmie's audition on "The Voice"  and when I clicked on it, the video did NOT work! So I just did a little searching and found the video through Youtube! Thanks to this dude, you can watch this video! They will probably fix the site soon, but enjoy!

I just found this sort of interesting because the last time I ever heard of this girl was waaaaaaaaay back in highschool when I first listened to one of her covers! Her youtube channel is here. It's super cool to think that she got this far.. I used to listen to her covers a lot, and when I saw this video it was just cool to know that Youtube (among many other things including her talent) brought her here!

And speaking of Youtube, have I mentioned I'll be starting a new channel soon! I'm still working on it, but once I finish a few things, It'll officially be up and I'm so excited :3 I'll post the link on my previous Youtube account. So check it out here!

*also keep in mind that I'll be posting 7283721983298372837283 a lot more frequently because I've decided to start posting alot of other subjects besides myself. It'll help me get in the habit of posting more frequently/ will hopefully bring more readers to my blog! Not to mention how inspiring it can be! Look forward to a bunch of weird unserious reviews and just other fun stuff, you'll see<3  Have a good day! Don't forget to follow my other websites!<3

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