Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sugarpet visits the Japanese American Historic Plaza! Cherry blossoms part two


   ~*~*~ Selfie of the Day!~*~*~*

So if you haven't seen my previous post, I saw cherry blossoms for the first time! The blossoms weren't really fully bloomed yet so we planned on coming back! We were actually supposed to go hiking but we thought we were able to a quick lunch at a food truck, a quick walk through the park, an then hop onto the train to go on our hiking trail! Silly us underestimated the amount of energy it would take so we ended up getting really tired from walking through the city, and we ran a few errands at Walmart instead!

The day started with taking the train to the city! We took Squishy (my boyfriend's dog) and he has really bad anxiety people-social problems so he cries a lot and even barks at strangers sometimes! We're going to try and make it a habit to leave to the city with Squishy more often to get him used to seeing people. So I'm excited for that! ^__^

Also, this seems really creepy I know but there was this super cute girl and I loved her outfit so much that I secretly took a picture of her! This photo doesn't do it justice at all but she pretty much mixed  bright bold colors with different patterns, and I just love love love mixed pattern outfits. I wish I could have taken a full dslr quality outfit photo of her but she seemed in a rush and disappeared ;___; We got off the same stop too I wish I made more friends in this city because I always see cute bestfriends hanging together agh I get so jealous ;__; Like these two asian girl with huge sun hats were sitting in the park on a blanket and ate sushi it just seems so nice and fun ahhHHHHhhhh

You can't really see it but I was trying to take a photo of  flower lolol
and I took so many pictures that I had to edit some of them! <3 I'll be posting it on my tumblr soon hehe

I love picking wildflowers.. I put a few of them in my braid<3

i wanted to take a kawaii photo of Squishy! It took SO MANY TRIES but I managed to get a few good shots, yay! ISN'T HE CUTE<3

"why are u do dis to me"

And here are photos of me trying to take a picture of my legs hehe
the field was so pretty with fallen petals on it aw
I also love that my boyfriend and I bring both of our cameras and he takes photos of me taking photos.. It's sort of interesting so see how things look from different views!~

*asian level photo taking*
and the photo I took lmfao

It was someones birthday today! We saw this walking down the park hehe

I love my new nail polish~
I know a lot of these photos are unfocused, but I loooooove blurry photos! They seem so sensual to me. And having everything so perfect can be boring sometimes. I really like the photo below for some reason because I always used to be insecure of my skinny arms and fingers.. people would tell me how frail I looked and how my arms can easily be broken... but recently a lot of people have been telling me how feminine they are and how perfectly shaped my nails are... That lately I've been loving my slim traits.. And it makes me happy to know that I'm embracing it<3

Also I touched up my hair the night before so it's darker than usual! It will fade to a lighter color after a few washes<3
I call this.... " abandoned burrito hugged by cherry blossom petals"
but no srsly someone probably really did not enjoy this burrito

We started walking back to the train and here are just random shots of  pretty things in the city~

* waitting at the bus stop*

And.. walking home from the train! <3

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