Friday, May 30, 2014

Cute Watering Cans! ( It is "Water a Flower" Day !! )

Hi Guys! ^___^  *waves a flower at you*

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~ flower fairy~
I've been pretty busy working on some things..... I'm planning on posting everyday starting June 1st, so I hope you visit again! I love new readers!<3 I have a bunch of sponsored reviews I'm currently working on so you'll see a bunch of that as well. :3

Anywho! I'll go back to posting these cute short posts.  I hope they aren't too boring.. I feel like I need to get back in the rhythm of actively posting again, so this helps me get inspired!

May 30 is "Water a Flower" day so I finally logged into my Polyvore and searched for a bunch of cute watering cans! ^__^
Comment below and tell me which one is your favorite<3 (Don't forget to leave your blog link! I love finding new blogs to creep on~) 

Cute Watering Cans! Part 1

Cute Watering Cans! Part 1 by sugarpet featuring glass home decor

Urban Grow Hippo Watering Can in Pink, $17 / Urban Grow Dolphin Watering Can in Blue, $17 / Urban Grow Duck Watering Can, $17 / Urban Grow Poodle Watering Can, $17 / LSA International glass home decor, $23 / Babies R Us Watering Can Babies R Us
Cute Watering cans! part 2

Cute Watering cans! part 2 by sugarpet featuring a texture painting

Roses Watering Can (Pink/Blue) design by Wild & Wolf / Union Jack Metal Watering Can by Ellen Mary Gardening, $78 / Green Elm Print Watering Can, $38 / Roses Watering Can (Cream/Pink) design by Wild

& Wolf / Texture painting / Hair clip accessory

Speaking of flowers...I'm currently working on my summer collection for my shop!<3 Lots of flowers and bright colors. :3

I'll be listing them very soon on my >shop<(click to see new shop!)

Also, bear with me! I recently opened it so I am still working on the new shop banner/design!~

It used to be called "Boko" but with everything else that I do, I wanted to start fresh. So I renamed all of my sites to"sugar-pet" :) I think I'll make a separate post about it another time!

If you are wondering why I changed my shop name, you could read about it >here.< 

And here are a few stuff that are currently in the shop right now! The pink and blue are really popular! 



Just added a “Creamy Flower Sweety” pack! $4.75 each! &lt;3Spend $35 and get free shipping! ( no code needed, It automatically applies once your cart totals up to $35)

Btw the fabric I used on these are running short and I will no longer be selling this in the future once it’s run out! It’s limited so get yours while you can!~ Customer photos will be shared on my blog of over 10,000 followers (with your permission of course) So I’m excited to share your cute selves with my bows on your head heheheh&lt;333 (please check the shop FAQ for shipping rates and discounts/promotions!&lt;3

just bought a blue one and the black skirt eeeeeeeee excited ^__^

*squeals* AHHH YAY! Thank you so much!  I&#8217;m shipping it tomorrow~ I&#8217;m getting the package ready now~ I&#8217;m so excited to see how it looks on you!&lt;33333


Just added two new wire headbands to my summer time collection! &lt;3 The blue daisy only has FOUR in stock!~ &lt;3 But they’re both so cute and perfect for summer! &lt;3 I’m gonna take a bunch of cute photos with these tomorrow&lt;3

omg someone buy me the red one pls pls pls ill pay you back in kisses ;n;
Tea Time In The Garden Pack

I told you there were a lot of flowers hehe. 

If you want to know how much shipping costs for your country, or the reason why I changed my shop name, click >here.<

If you’re interested in my sponsorship program/ free bows then please email me at:
I’ll email back with the details, and I’ll give you your very own promo code to share with your followers/friends/family <3 You just need to email me back to confirm the rules & info I’ll be sending/asking from you!<3

That's it for today!<3 Don't forget to follow my other websites! I will love you forever<3

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I'll have a bunch of cute diys and other fun stuff<3

Instagram: @krizkotv

I made a little video to fill up the empty space on my channel until I have new videos up! The first 100 or more subscribers will get a shoutout in my next video! <3

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