Thursday, June 5, 2014

Apple Sauce Inspired items! Happy Apple Sauce Cake Day! And, Hug Your Cat Day!

Hi again guys!
It is  11:23 pm here, so I am literally minutes away from missing today's post! If you haven't noticed by now, I've made it a goal to start posting every single day, starting June 1st!  I ALMOST missed today because I woke up late+ had to get ready and hang out with my sister today.. I got home pretty late too. Here's a photo I took today. <3 I watched Maleficent with my sister this afternoon so I thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to turn my hair into baby horns! I think I'll post about my day tomorrow!<3
So I hope you come  back to visit!

   ~*~*~*~**Selfie of the Day!~*~*~

Today is "Apple Sauce Cake" Day, and "Hug Your Cat" Day ! I made a applesauce inspired set on Polyvore below. It was pretty fun making it, hehe.
Comment below with your favorite item, I am curious.<3
 I never really liked apple sauce until I became older....  I'm not sure why. I always thought it was weird mushy stuff and I never really liked the texture... One day I tried it semi frozen and now I like it a lot! I guess trying out things in different perspectives work out with food too. ^___^

Apple Sauce Inspired items!
Apple auce Inspired items! by sugarpet featuring stud earrings

RED Valentino short sleeve dress / RED Valentino lace dress / Accessorize marled socks / Jil Sander leather shoes / Special occasion shoes / Buti leather purse / Stud earrings / Alison Lou gold jewelry / Gold necklace / Janna Conner Designs jade jewelry / Sparitual nail lacquer
And here is a photo/ vine of myself sort of hugging my cat! Her name is Shadow, and she is my baby<3
btw if you want to know what lens/makeup I'm using in the photo below, visit my old review about it >here.<

I need to take updated photos with her! .. I will try to do it soon! ^___^

That's it for today!<3

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