Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy Dare Day! I challenge you to post every single day, starting today. Here are ideas/ how I am doing this myself!

 ~*~* Selfie of the day!!!~*~*~

Today is Dare Day. It is a day to challenge yourself or others around you. Today, I dare you to blog ATLEAST once a day. I'm going to make this fun and easy by creating a long list of topics to choose from! These topics will mainly be made up of lifestyle/personal posts, style, beauty, and/or sponsored reviews!

I literally just laid in bed and brainstormed a bunch of ideas I've been meaning to make a post about. Daring yourself to do something are great for people like me who can sometimes be a procastinator... (okay a lot) But I'm working on that! If you have a problem with procrastinating or hesitating to do tasks, then challenging yourself is a fun game to play while being productive at the same time!

One of my top ways to get an idea is to look up today's date. Every single date has a holiday. I'm serious. Look it up! It was Peanut Butter Lover's Day on March 1st, and I made a post about style inspired by peanut butter! You can view it [here.] 

It was really fun to do because it was so unexpected and unplanned, I was surprised to see how well it came out! I use a site called "holiday insights" to look up holidays! You can view it [here.] I love this site. It has the weirdest holidays ever, and I enjoy coming up with ways to use them to create a new blog post!

I came up with two separate lists. The first list contains posts that are mandatory. Sponsored reviews and personal posts. (like my past trips+photos I've been hoarding) These type of posts take a lot more effort and energy so I'm constantly taking breaks from them.. When I can't finish them, I will  post something from polyvore or work on a quick post from my second list!

It's the "fun" list!  This is what I will be sharing with you guys so feel free to use any of them to use for yourself!<333 Again, if you do decide to take part in this challenge, then comment below, or better yet, make your own lists! I would love to see how everyone progresses with this, and the ideas you come up with..<3
(Feel free to use the image I created below!)

So... good luck to everyone on the challenge! I will try my best!!
Here is a preview photo of one of the upcoming posts I'm currently working on. My wonderful boyfriend took me to a tulip farm! I took lots of pictures so please stay updated with my blog! I'm excited to share them with you!<33333

That's it for today!<3 Don't forget to follow my other websites! I will love you forever<3

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I'll have a bunch of cute diys and other fun stuff<3

Instagram: @krizkotv

I made a little video to fill up the empty space on my channel until I have new videos up! The first 100 or more subscribers will get a shoutout in my next video! <3

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