Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy National Chocolate Icecream Day ! And new photos.

Hi guys!
Welcome to day #7 of my "one post a day" self challenge!
It's already been a week and I have mixed feelings about it.. Not that I'm going to stop, its just I'm wondering whether or not it's worth trying to work on quick posts... when I could be spending the same time working on posts that are either more personal, or informative.
Then again, those type of posts require more mental effort, and that is fueled by how inspired/motivated I feel. These short fun posts are great because it surprisingly does just that. It puts me a a creative free mood!

Anyhow,  Happy National Chocolate Ice cream Day! (It's technically June 8, but I haven't slept yet so it's still June 7 to me!!)
I picked out a few chocolate inspired items that I found cute and would totally wear~
I think my favorite from this set are either the Prada heeled sandals, or the Jeffrey Campbell line boots. Which one's your favorite?!!? Let me know in the comments. I am curious.

National Chocolate Icecream Day Set
National Chocolate Icecream Day Set by sugarpetfeaturingpink home decor
Brown lace dress / H M brown tank, $22 / Raoul ruffle shorts, $465 / Jeffrey Campbell lined boots / Prada heeled sandals / Burberry water resistant watch / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics cheek bronzer / Pink home decor
So today I was working on a few things!  I finally brought my tripod outside to take photos in the garden. It's summer now so taking photos outside will be something I'll be doing a lot more<3 A few people were asking how to wear my  shop's wire "bunny headbands and how they looked while being worn. So today I took a bunch of photos + recorded videos! Hopefully I'll be done editing by the end of this weekend.
I'm still working on getting those sponsored reviews done as well. ~

Here is a sneak peek of some photos I took! <3

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I made a little video to fill up the empty space on my channel until I have new videos up!

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