Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy National Doughnut Day! A sneak peak of future posts, and new items in my shop!

Hey guys! 
Happy Doughnut day!!!
Here are a bunch of doughnut inspired items I picked out from Polyvore!<3
 Yes, that is a doughnut beanbag.
 I think my favorites from this set has to be either that beanbag, or that notebook. I love notebooks, I probably have way too many that are filled halfway, but ITS OKAY I DONT HAVE A HOARDING PROBLEM OKAY!!!
Which one is your favorite?!

Happy National Donut Day!

Happy National Donut Day! by sugarpet featuring sterling silver charms

T shirt / Backpacks bag / Tiny Hands sterling silver charm / Woouf ipad sleeve case, $45 / Charlotte Russe snapback hat / Forever 21 small item storage / Paper Source Donuts Spiral Notebook / Donut Bean Bag, $190

Besides me suffering from doughnut hunger all day

 I added a few new items to my shop's summer collection! Here are a bunch of photos of the new items, and a few of them in my hair. <3

 Btw sorry if it seems like there are photos that look alike, I edited them in different ways and I like how two similar photos with different edits look like next to each other! >.<

Also, don't mind the really bland and basic design and overall look of my shop. I'm still working on updated banners/buttons on both my shop and my blogs so it'll hopefully look better soon! ^__^

I'm in my bathing suit here to add more of a ~summer~ theme! hehe.. I've been wanting to take photos in the sun, but I've been waking up so late this past week :/

Tropical Plumeria Flowers Bows in Large 

(click me to view item in the shop!)
They also come in a small size!
(click me to shop!)
They look tiny in comparison to the large bows, but they are pretty much about the same size as the bow I have in my ponytail in the photo below:

"Strawberry Picnic" Bow
These are one of my favorites! The majority of my bows now have a matching print on the backside. I find it super cute that there's a pop of surprise and I love it.

"Rose Garden" Bow

Aren't these photos lovely? My dad is a gardener/landscaper, so we have a huge yard of plants and I've always grown up around watching/helping him plant things in our backyard. I will definitely take more photos here! Btw here is a old video vine of me in my backyard LOL


The rose colored bows have a light pink gingham print on it's backside. It uses the same fabric from the matching wire headband below~

This bow is part of my "Brady Bunch" bow pack! It's super cute on pony tails<3
[click here to shop!]

So here are a few sneak peaks of current posts I'm working on. I have three sponsored reviews that will be posted sometime next week!~

First is a circle lens review sponsored by LensVillage. 

Second is another sponsored review for Shudder Emporium.  An Etsy shop based in Canada that sells hand-picked  treasures and vintage finds!

And last but not least, a sponsored review for TeacupCastle.  A cute shop that sells handmade/ handpicked unique jewelry finds! I was sent this adorable candy and heart necklace to review!

I have other sponsored reviews I need to finish up but these will be the first few you'll be seeing in the near future. All of the photos above were taken by me having to put my camera on stacked boxes+ a sweater to adjust the lens angle. It was really frustrating and I almost dropped my DSLR ;__;

My lovely boyfriend sent me my tripod plate through the mail (I left it at his place ) so now I finally have a working tripod!!! yay!! That means a billion more photos + blog posts, so I hope you're looking forward to that! ^__^
Annnnnnnd, that's it for today<3 Thank you for reading! I hope you visit again!<3

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I made a little video to fill up the empty space on my channel until I have new videos up!

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