Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's Iced Tea day! Here are a bunch of Iced Tea Inspired items i picked out!

Iced tea

Hello everyone!
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 I know the day is almost over (It's 11:27 pm here)
  but June 10 is "Iced Tea" day! I picked out a bunch of tea inspired items, that I adore so I hope you enjoy!
Click on any of these images to view where they are from. Which one of these products are your favorite!?
(You could pick more than one~)
Let me know in the comments below! I am always curious. <3

Tea Time, hand stamped teaspoon. Vintage silver plated silverware by Milk Honey Luxuries.
Recycled Arizona Iced Tea Jewelry, Handmade Recycled Jewelry, Tin Jewelry

Sweet Tea Soap - Iced Tea Soap - All Natural Soap
Bottle Candle Snapple Peach Iced Tea, vanilla scented
iced tea candle unscented, iced tea candle, drink candle, 10 oz candle, coke candle, cola candle

Lemon Iced Tea Wax Melts

Iced Tea Twist Soap
Iced Tea Soap, Lemon Iced Tea Soap, Father's Day gift, decorative soap

Natural Deodorant, Peach Iced Tea Aluminum Free Deodorant
Natural Peach Tea Deodorant
I've been looking for natural alternatives for deodorant.. this is perfect!

I have a thing for hand-painted ceramics and other dishware.. These glass pitchers are super cute!<3 If I were to ever grow old and lonely, I would have a huge collection of handpainted dishware.... and cats. 
Vintage/Retro Raspberry Glass Pitcher

Hand Painted Pink Roses Glass Pitcher

Vintage Federal Glass Pitcher painted green leaves juice pitcher milk pitcher small pitcher clear glass summer lemonade   
                               Vintage leaves Glass Pitcher 

Hand painted glass pitcher in red wild rose design
Vintage Rose Pitcher Glass Pitcher 1950's

Here are a bunch of loose tea flavors that caught my eye~ I have a huge collection of flavored teas and the ones below are now in my list of flavors I need to try~ I know the edible rose petals aren't exactly tea-like but they were too pretty not to share!<3 I LOVE Chai tea and Earl Grey.

Rose Petals edible, culinary 1oz

Organic Chocolate Chai black tea, loose leaf, Caffeinated

Organic Mandarin Passion Green Tea, Loose Leaf ,1oz (28 grams)Caffeinated

Loose Leaf Organic Mandarin Passion Green Tea

And that's it for today! I hope you all had a nice tall glass of iced tea!<3

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