Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sugarpet goes to a Tulip Farm!

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Here are a million photos from my last day of visiting my boyfriend! For those who don't know, we are currently in a long distance relationship so every now and then we take turns visiting each other! He lives in Oregon and I live across the ocean in Hawaii. On my last day, he took me to a beautiful tulip farm. The majority of the photos were taken by him, so thank you honey!<3 It was a bittersweet feeling to know I'd be flying back home the next day, but being with him with colorful flowers surrounding us was overwhelmingly cheerful. How could I be in a bad mood when I'm literally in a flower wonderland with my prince?!?!!! (lol @ prince ehhehe) I had such a nice time, and it was the perfect way to end my trip. I can't wait to see him again, he'll be visiting me soon, so look forward to seeing Hawaii photos in the future. I can't wait!

Anywho, here are the photos! Enjoy!<3333

Btw I made this jumper skirt!<3 I finished it literally minutes before we had to leave. I was very iffy about even wearing it just in case the weather turned rainy- but it didn't thankfully!  I packed it in an extra bag, and we stopped by the mall so I could pick up a white top to wear with it. (the one I'm wearing in the photos) Oddly I guess I didn't pack a plain basic white top with me, so I picked up one for $9 and grabbed sunglasses as well! ($6) Both of them are from  Forever 21.

When we first arrived, we brought our own picnic food! (I know it looks gross LOL) but this photo doesn't do it any justice!!! lmao. We got baked yummy cheesy croissant bread + a baguette of toasted french bread cut into slices, macaroni/potato salad, hummus, tuna salad, Babybel cheese, potato chips, seasoned nori... I should have taken a better photo! It was perfect finger food on the go. He said he needed to go to the bathroom so I sat and prepared everything, and he surprised me with a strawberry shave ice! aweeee.<3

There were tons of picnic tables, craft booths, and games/playgrounds for children.. They also had tents that sold tulips and other flowers.

This cookie is SOOOOOOOO good! And guess what? The flavor is named after my home island, Maui! It's the exact one below lol

Hehe so after lunch we cleaned up, went to the bathroom, and that is where I changed. (changing in porta potties are not fun! lol!) There was this huge truck surrounded with flowers and other objects people could take photos with. I chose these wooden shoes. :3 Btw this farm is called "Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm" I believe.


You have the choice of walking to the tulip farm area or riding a little train! We obviously took the train since we knew we were going to do lots of walking anyway.
(acres and acres of tulips!)
And here are more photos!~


I'll be sticking these gifs here and there! the gif has much darker lighting because they are unedited btw~

my bae and I<3
And LOL at photo below makes me laugh because this is my embarrassed reaction after a huge gust of wind blew my skirt up!!! I WAS SO BLUSHY and uncontrollably nervous/giggly ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

This is how I looked trying to achieve all of those cute skirt twirl photos.. i got dizzy many times hehe

It was really interesting because there would be repetitive rows of a certain color of flowers, and then there would be ONE single random off color among the rest. I'm not sure whether or not they did this on purpose, or if it was a weird mutation... but it was soooooooo cool! Like looking at a special gem out of the bunch.

The photos above had to be brightened a lot because the original photos came out a bit darker.. the sun went away! Thank goodness for editing! And oh my goodness I think one of the most annoying things were children/people running in the background of your photos. I don't mind them having fun and what not.. but there were literally acres of other empty spots to walk through and it was a little frustrating to have to delete photos that came out really well, but were ruined .....    :/ But oh well! We got tons of photos anyway hehe. Maybe even too much photos.... heh... heh....

Here was another random pink flower among the white!~ It's such a cute surprise!

There was a separate patch of tulips that people could pick from! I should have picked some but I was leaving the next day anyway .

The weather started getting really cold and my feet hurt so we rested for awhile and I changed into one of his hoodies! It was cloudy and cold so we left the pup in the car for the remaining few minutes we stayed to take last photos!

~ on my way to steal yo gurl~ holla

I really liked this wooden shoe wagon as you can see

it's crazy how fashionable you can look with sunglasses and a big scarf.. I changed into more more comfortable sandals!

*taking photos of my boyfriend taking photos of a pink tractor lololol*

i am literally only wearing an oversized jacket and i am lookin so fashionable

There was an area full of  specialty tulip beds! There was a huge variety of tulip breeds... a lot of them looked like they weren't even real O_O

What I liked about this place was that they had tons of platforms for photographers to take photos from. Like the one above! It's such a smart and useful idea! 

And here's a random photo I took on our way home. I took it because I always have weird dreams of long roads heading upwards sort of like this. It was one of the weirdest deja vu moments I've ever had. The vibe and mood fit the same exact mood in my dream too. weird.
oh and heres an abandoned truck with plants frowing on it lolol

And LOL we stopped by Wendy's on our way home. My boyfriend always takes photos of me while I eat... I thought these were sort of funny! hehe

Annnnnnd done! Thanks for taking the time to go through such a humongous amount of photos!! I had a really great time. I already want to go back. I'm really thankful, especially for being able to spend it with someone special. Thanks again honey! <3 I can't wait to do more fun things like this in the future!

Also I'll soon be posting a tulip farm video vlog! Be on the lookout for that!~

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