Friday, June 6, 2014

Sugarpet watches Maleficent with her sister! OOTD, MOTD, and a few things I got from Ross!

Hello again! ^__^
Welcome to day #6 of my blogging challenge! (which is to basically post every single day starting June 1st!)
Sorry if I sound like a broken record player...
(but get used to it!!! I'll be repeating this explanation every post because I get new readers everyday!!!)
*clears throat*

Anywho, yesterday, I watched Maleficent. I rarely ever say I'd watch a movie again, but this is one of the few I wouldn't mind watching over a dozen times. There are movies that people obsess with because  they somehow felt close to the characters and/or story line.I'm sure everyone can relate to this movie in some way.

 For me, let's just say I know how it feels to trust someone so much, and to have it smashed back into your face, destroying you. Having your "wings" ripped right out of your back. That you become so cold, you shut everyone out of your life.
 I know how it feels to be used by someone who later decides to take advantage of you. To be lied to. To be in the shadows and watch the person who hurt you find his/her own happiness. And knowing that they found it by knowingly hurting you. To be so engulfed in hate and anger that it changes you.

This ,movie is  inspiring because instead of becoming a depressed puddle of tears, she became powerful. She fought for her justice. It also shows that as dark  and evil a person could seem, there will always be a sparkle of hope and good in someone. I've always believed in this. I feel like it's so easy to be an angry hateful person, but to be forgiving and loving takes more courage and strength. It also benefits your soul forever too. It's okay to feel angry, but don't let it consume you.

 I've always admired Angelina Jolie, but I feel like this was definitely one of her best movies.I read in an interview about how she really loved playing the part for this because she had more freedom as an actor to entertain. You could totally see she had a lot of fun with this, and this will be officially be one of my top favorite movies!<3

Here is a photo of my full outfit!
 Sorry for the bad quality.. I didn't feel like carrying my dslr around.. hehe I would have gone way more dramatic with my outfit, but it was really hot and sunny outside.
Black= absorbs heat, so I kept everything pretty flowy and minimal. I hope I don't scare you guys with these photos! We tried to look "angry" in a lot of these! lolol! so please don't take it seriously hehe.

And lol at the photo below!

 We ordered a large icee to share and my sister (Kim) was trying to get straws out of the straw dispenser, but all of these straws just popped out of the bin and I just quickly stuffed them in my purse because they were rolling all over the counter.. LOL
I tried the dark chocolate Toblerone for the first time! I'm in love!
Btw I also got peach rings and my sister got mochi crunch (rice crackers) I had the worst tummy ache ever because I thought it was a good idea to eat so much candy+ sugary icee slushie for breakfast ;___:

Here are some close up photos of my makeup/ baby horn hair inspired off Maleficent!  I was always afraid of trying out darker berry/plum lip colors because i never really thought it would suit me... but I think I actually like it!!

I scored this kimono looking cardigan from a thrift shop! I believe it was $5-6 dollars!! I'm aware it could be a lingerie/sleepwear top, but I dont care!!!!!!!!
I love silky/ satiny material! I love lingerie slips/ coverups too he he and I wouldn't mind wearing them out in public~
Isn't it pretttty?!?!?! I just want to rub my face all over it..
(okay i already did)

After the movie, we ate at Genki Sushi! My tummy still hurt a lot so I had no appetite and only ate two plates ;___; My order came out to be under 6 dollars LOL but oh well I enjoyed them anyway. I even made a vine! I'm going to start making vines again~

Then after Genki's we went to Ross. My sister said she needed to look for pants for work, but as we usually do.... we ended spending about 3-4 hours there.

Smelling candles... looking at home decor stuff.... horse paintings...She got a bunch of candles and room pieces.  I got curtains and nail polish!

Sunlight shines DIRECTLY into my room and I only have one window with my door shut so it gets really hot and humid in my room.. I would sweat constantly and having the fan on just blew hot air around.. I later discovered "energy efficient" heat resistent curtains!! They're suppose to reduce energy costs for hotels/homeowners that use air-conditioner and stuff! It basically blocks out heat, and oh my goodness it definitely has made a difference in my room! I'm so happy.

You can get them from Walmart for about $40 but I recommend checking Ross frequently before doing so, because they sell it for half the price. Which is a lot of money if you have more than one window to cover. I went to Ross earlier this month and they didn't have them. This week they did, so just check back often!

I also didn't know Ross had all these cosmetics for REALLY good prices! I got this set of nail polish for $4.99!  My mom used one of them already and she likes it/ said it hasn't chipped yet! (keep in mind that she works as a housekeeper at a hotel that uses her hands a lot~) I've been looking for neutral colors and I'm so glad I found this!
Which one do you think I should wear first?!

I'll be wearing one of these nail colors in my future post!
So that's it for today~~~<333

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