Friday, July 4, 2014

High Ponytail kind of day ! And new videos!

-- 3:29 am
Hello everyone!
And hello to my new followers and readers! ^__^ I've always loved blogging for myself but getting new readers excite me so much. Thank you for being here. <3 I appreciate you.

Adding time stamps to my blog entries is something I've done a lot in the past  but I think I'll start doing it again. I like seeing how long I spent on a post., and I feel it makes my blog  feel more personal! One of my top favorite kinds of books were those that were in "diary" form because I felt closer to the author. The slang, broken sentences, and free sense of writing straight from your head felt so comforting to me. I hope that my blog doesn't come off as too superficial or just meant for promotion.. heh. It really is my safe home to be and to think of the possibility that people actually enjoy reading my blog is soooooooo nice. I love it.

My sister and  I usually have "Sister bonding" days that usually consist of us grabbing coffee, window shopping around the mall, thrifting, and/or spending 3-5 hours in stores like Ross or Walmart buying things we don't really need. For example, on our previous date, our shopping cart had the following:
 drugstore makeup, a stepping stool, , ice cream......a kiddy pool... LOL

The previous week we went into a store saying "Okay. I just need to buy pants for work." Then we somehow found ourselves exhausted, FOUR HOURS later, with a cart full of things like room curtains, candles, nail polish.. and many other things we did not plan on buying.

When we're tired and on our way home, we always ask each other: " We did good, right..?" And to reassure ourselves from the guilt we nod yes and laugh, it's so funny. I don't go out much, so when we have these outings, it really does put me in a good mood! Yay!

 Here is a set of photos I took this past Wednesday. I took this in my sister's room as she went hunting for Megan, a small butter cream chihuahua that hides to avoid being put in her cage when we go out! Her room has such good lighting, here ya go!~

Also, I just uploaded two new videos in the past two days! Enjoy! :)
--6:34 am

I tried recording a haul video but I was too spazzy and giggly oh my goodness it was such a fail >.< But I will re- do this!!!! 
Btw I am wearing a sponsored necklace from TeaCupCastle from Etsy! You can find other cute accessories from her shop by clicking here. <3 Review coming soon!~

One of the products is this liquid lipstick from WetnWild. This is one of my top favorites.. it's called "Raisin the Roof" LOL. I'll post a lip swatch blog post of all the colors I got soon :3

Ok bye

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