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Sugarpet visits Portland Japanese Gardens

Hello again!
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The photos from this post are about a year old, I probably have over a years worth of photos I haven't gotten to posting yet, but please bear with me as I am trying my best to slowly upload them! I visited my honey and took tons of photos while I was there, so I got a little (ok a lot) backed up. hehehe. I'm planning on posting these old posts here and there, so don't get confused when you see my hair color change! (It's still brown!)

Also, before I start,  I added 12+ new items to my shop! I will take lots of cute photos with them soon :3 I also restocked the wire bands.<3 Enjoy! Here are a few a few photos of them:
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On to the post!

These are random photos that my boyfriend took of me before leaving the apartment... I think I was making sure I had extra batteries/sd cards... and then getting up! haha! I really liked my hair here, I felt so ~magical~

These are random photos from the car, on our way to our way to town.. A cute cafe... and an interesting "fantasy" adult store!

up close.... LOL

And on our way to the Japanese Gardens, there was an Aquarium bus!  It was a warm sunny day, but as we drove upwards it became cooler and you knew you were close when all you could smell was fresh air and trees..

I love taking photos in motion, candid pictures with blurry movements.. I had to take my camera out for this because one of my top favorite kinds of places to be in are under trees... where the air is filled with the scent of earthy tones
 the breeze of cool winds rushing through the window,

Sun rays peeking through trees, and mossy branches,
 imagine how it would feel walking up the road with gentle tickles of sunlight over your chilled cheeks and closed arms..

As dream-like and peaceful this scene may be,
 the sharp turns, and mysterious road curves  always keep me on edge,
 they scare me.
It's almost like living,,  not knowing whats ahead, but still being worried and excited at the same time. Yet you zoom right by..

The thought of a car turning in at a surprising speed,
or even the sight of a baby deer; a fawn, taking it's first innocent steps
across the road you can't see ahead.
 I hold my breath a lot  because I over think too many situations,
You can see it in the way I type run-on  sentences too, heh.
I get lost in my thoughts and I forget to breathe sometimes.
 If you truly knew me, you would know this. I've been told I make a lot of weird noises, and I mumble a lot because of it..My voice is usually pretty high but it turns low when I don't inhale when I need to.. >__<

I think I'll start editing a haiku on photos I feel attached to. Here is one of them below~
There's nothing more special to me than being in these type of scenes with someone I feel safe and comfortable with<3

So the photo above is an example to show how high up we were! It's pretty interesting to be in such a nature filled atmosphere and then to look afar and past the trees to realize you're surrounded by cities, and tall buildings...

I think I was coming back from the restroom  here.. hehe. A girl in the bathroom complimented my hair, which was nice! ^___^

The place was beautiful and peaceful, I can't wait to come back! You could definitely  tell that the gardeners put a lot of love and life into this, I've spent all my life with a dad who's job is to landscape and plant, and
you could definitely feel the hearts of the hands that helped create this.
 I think every garden  is a reflection of the character who helped make it happen. Gardening  needs consistent care, which tells a lot about people who can deal with life's struggles, and still manage to put their soul in something as perishable as plants. I believe they realize that gardening is a gift that will forever give back  It's admirable.

When my dad's father past away, you would think patches of brown would appear in our lawn, but it was far from that. I have never seen our backyard flourish so much, as much as I have never seen him
spend so much of his day outside.

 Gardening is his passion and he will forever be a huge inspiration to me. I remember riding around town with him, and I would spend the afternoon pointing at trees, shrubs, flowers, etc and he would answer with their exact species.
(Though I still wonder today  if he has made up any names..)
He would pluck a single leaf from a plant, to sniffll it,
he could tell how healthy they were, 
It's so weird to think that being outdoors will always somehow remind me of him.
 It's not just him, I mean I don't walk around thinking of my dad 24/7
 (that would be weird)
It reminds me of the love he had for his hobby.
A wave of happy feelings fill me, making me curious, and inspired at the same time.
It's one of the best feelings in the world. To be in "awe."

Like everything else, I am constantly wondering about the names of trees, how they smell,  how old they are..
 I think about the eyes that glanced upon them,
the tiny fingers that dragged across their ripples,
counting aged tree rings..
the back of poly-blend shirts that were pushed against it's bark,
during quiet kisses...
the thoughts going through love struck teens
  carving initials,
and how silly they felt years later,
 seeing it again...

I am blabbing away again, I could go on for days! hehe but I'm thankful to have the ability to think limitless.
(Or atleast I think I do.)
It get's rough and seems impossible to deal with when I am having  stormy days in my head,
 but I believe being able to experience the positive half of it is worth it.

Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to be able to have the chance to feel two kinds of happiness at the same time-
Being in a place that makes you feel happy, and with a person who makes you realize how badly
 it makes you want to feel it again, and again.~
I don't want it to end.
And here are more photos!~

One of my favorite things about our camera dates, (we both bring our own cameras) is being able to take photos of each other.. I know he takes way more than I do of him , but seeing the cute photos he takes of me, makes me want to do the same for him in the future. I get so excited about coming home after a long day, and reviewing the photos together- It is so satisfying, and it makes me feel sooooooo happy.

Sometimes I feel like he can take better photos of me because he's so tall!!! (I'm 5'2 and he's 6'2) I always feel like I'm taking shots from below of him haha.... ^_^

They usually have tea ceremonies or art galleries in here...
Oh and sorry about repeating the photo below, it's one of my favorite photos of myself, and I wanted it to be the first photo on top to showcase my outfit hehe!

spider web~

koi fishes~

I really like taking photos of moss.. also any photo you see with my back to it- I had no idea these photos were taken.. I get pretty camera shy around him hehe

I was probably lost and looking for him in the photo above lol!

tthis is cute because he caught me taking photos of teeny flowers, and this is the photo I took below~

 there were a bunch of bridges~

They have a little gift shop too! They sold candles, chopsticks, pottery, pocky, and more! hehe

We parked in front of a tennis court which had fences covered in flowers~ And I know the photo below is blurry but it was the last thing I saw before leaving~

After the Japanese Portland Gardens, we decided to stay with the ~theme~ and get sushi! ^__^ YAY!!!! MY FAVORITE! hehehehhehehehehehe.. thank you honey! It was sooooooooooooooo yummy, we started with seaweed salad,  then we got sashimi, and two rolls off the happy hour I believe~ We shared a sake too~ This is random but I love the tiny cups they let you drink sake with <333

Everything was so good, and I had the most wonderful day with my baby it was perfect, and like always, I had a really good time. I know I've been pretty slow on posting our little adventures, but I will always cherish them. It puts me in such a happy nostalgic mood to edit these posts and to have to "re-live" them from morning to night in my head. I've mentioned this before, but I keep a notebook of details that help me tons when recapping what happened throughout the day, hehe. I f you think that I've written too much on my blog, you should see how many pages I fill in my life journal. Anywho, I love sharing my life adventures with you guys as much as I love documenting them- and I hope you guys enjoyed this!

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