Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Toasted marshmallow day

Happy Toasted Marshmallow Day!
*drinking mint tea on this rainy day and wishing I had hot cocoa instead*

As you know, to help get me in the mood to continue blogging, and to help fuel my admiration of odd holidays, here is another blog post where I relate this hobby to another:  
Browsing online shops/sites and the cute items/ideas they offer<3

 I love sharing them not only because of the fun of finding them, but because I feel that sharing these shops help support small businesses and creative minds.
( I will try to keep 80% of the items I share to be from small businesses)

 Let me know in the comments what items from the list below are your favorites. There will be a link under each photo to the shop/artist. If you end up purchasing an item, I'd love to know that as well. Enjoy! :) I had a lot of fun making this.~


"Best Friend Marshmallow charms"

"Marshmallow Pillow"

"Marshmallow Slime"

"Pastel Marshmallow charms"

"Cookie Dough Gourmet Marshmallows"

"Bubblegum Gourmet Marshmallows"

"Marshmallow Snow Nail Polish"

"Marshmallow Plush"
Click to Shop

"Lumpy Space Princess' Campfire Marshmallow Bath Bomb"

"Marshmallow Fireside Bath Bomb"
Click to Shop

"Notice me Senpai!: Milk Bath (with marshmallow!)
Click to Shop

"Marshmallow Eyeshadow" (Vegan & Cruelty Free!)
Click to Shop

"Marshmallow Hook Earrings"
Click To Shop

"Watercolor Marshmallow Print"

"Neko Atsume Marshmallow Pencil Case"

"Marshmallow Strawberry Pearl Lollipops"

"Mystic Unicorn Marshmallow Charm Soy candle"

"Smores Candle"

"Butterbeer Butterscotch Marshmallow Candle"

Btw looking at these candles really make me excited for fall and pumpkin/marshmallow everything.
I'm so excited.
*runs to the store to grab marshamllows and hot cocoa*

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