Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy National Teddy Bear Day !

 Teddy Bear Day is in three days (Sept 9)  so I thought I'd post these "cute finds" posts a bit ahead of time. :3

As you know, to help get me in the mood to continue blogging, and to help fuel my admiration of odd holidays, here is another blog post where I relate this hobby to another:  
Browsing online shops/sites and the cute items/ideas they offer<3

 I love sharing them not only because of the fun of finding them, but because I feel that sharing these shops help support small businesses and creative minds.
( I will try to keep 80% of the items I share to be from small businesses)

 Let me know in the comments what items from the list below are your favorites. There will be a link under each photo to the shop/artist. If you end up purchasing an item, I'd love to know that as well. Enjoy! :) I had a lot of fun making this.~<3

"80's Pale Peach Teddy Bear Sweater"

"White Summer Teddy Dress"

"90's Vintage Teddy Rose Shirt"

"Gum Drops & Gummy Bears Bath Bomb"

"Panda Bear Bath Bomb (with panda toy inside!) "

"Vintage Black Teddy swimsuit"

"Vintage 80's Rainbow Teddy Bear Choker"

"BDSM Daddy Heart and Teddy Bear Necklace"

"Kawaii Teddy Bear Choker:

"Teddy Bear Cruelty Free Mineral Eyeshadow"

"Teddy Kimono Peach Pocket Mirror"

"Cute Care Bear Nail Decals"

"Romantic Bear Magic Lip Stain"

"Bear Huge Mineral Loose Powder"

"Miniature Teddy Bears"

-I have to comment and say I have a strange obsession over miniature anything... TOO CUTE! ^_^

"Tiny Doll Amigurumi Micro Bear"

 "Toddler Teddy Bear Baby Shoes"

"Baby Teddy Bear Shoes Digital Knitting Pattern"

"Pastel  Pink Teddy Bear Choker"

"Pastel Rainbow Plush Teddy"

"Pink Strawberry Handmade Teddy"

"Buttery Yellow Bear Plush"

"Gummy Bear Frosting Candles"

"Glitter Purple Gummy Bear Earrings"

And that's it!
I had a lot of fun making this.. I may even actually make a second teddy bear related post as there were way too many adorable teddy-inspired finds to pick from. Have a nice day every one!<3

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