Monday, November 28, 2016

National Sleep Comfort Month


If there is anything I love more than coffee and rocky road ice cream- it is cute sleepwear.

Whether it be cotton pajama sets or silky lace night gowns, I've always had a liking for anything that makes me enjoy another favorite hobby of mine: unwinding.
I admire artists because I love honesty. The way people can lay out emotions or stories straight from their beautiful minds.  I absolutely love doing things that  make me feel "free."
My favorite part of the day is when I get to take off all my makeup, take a hot shower, (loofah included for maximum bubbles) and lay on clean bed sheets. Oh and Netflix.
 Then, the best part. Browsing through my closet only to ask myself: " What will I sleep in tonight? "

"Will I be eating chocolate cake and cheap red wine in bed..? "
 Then I mind as well should sleep naked because that didn't end well last time. (Heh.)
"Am I getting over a breakup..?" Massaging lavender oil into my skin to soothe me to sleep.
 After failing for the third consecutive night..
Satin on sticky skin does not feel nice. Breathable cotton would be much better.
"Or am I feeling romantic?"
 "Could things possibly get erotic tonight..?"

Silk and lace.
My fucking favorite.
I love the contrast of cool silk and warm hands. How you can feel tiny peekaboos of my skin under rough lace. Rolling over and the way silk hugs my hips but creeps up just the right amount to temp you to pull me closer.
It's a mix of smelling shampoo in my damp hair, and how soft my skin feels on fabric that "feels" you back. Sleepwear that makes you feel safe.



It is National Sleep Comfort month so I thought it would be the perfect time to share cute sleepwear finds. It was also "Small business Saturday" yesterday so as much as I enjoy browsing online stores, I like supporting small businesses. I also added a couple personal photos of myself  from the past wearing a few of my favorites!   Enjoy. :)



Oh! Btw all items I featured below also have clickable links to purchase/browse their shop. Let me know if you have any favorites in the comments! Don't forget to leave your blog links so I can check you out as well. <3 Happy browsing! :)


         1980's Baby Pink Vintage Pajama Set

Click to Shop

Vintage Pastel Blue Lace Chiffon  Robe

60s Lilac High Waist Lingerie Shorts

Click to Shop

Embroidered Lace and Satin Eye Mask

Click to Shop

Romantic Gold Satin Pajama Set

Click to Shop

Pastel Ruffle Babydoll 

Click  to Shop

1950s Pale Pink Nightgown

Click to Shop

1970s Kayser  Peach Plunge Nightgown

Click to Shop

Dark Blue Sexy Silk Sleepwear

Blue Mist Satin Silk Sleepwear

Pale Peach 100% Natural Silk Pajama Set

Ivory silk Camisole and Silk French Knicker Set

Vintage Red Silk Teddy

 Candy Heart Eyes Sleep Mask

Radcliffe Vintage Lace Open Night Gown

 70's Seafoam Silk Lace Teddy

Blush Nude Nightgown with Lace and Ruffles

Vintage Pale Pink Night Gown

Click to Shop

1920s/1930s Seafoam Green Night Gown Silk And Lace Ruffled Slip With Matching Robe

Click to Shop

Nude Lace Strappy Bralette
Click to Shop

Cage Bra in Sakura Blossom Lace (Limited Edition)

Holly Jolly Red and Green Mistletoe Printed Bralette

Click to Shop

I had a lot of fun making this.. I may even actually make a second sleepwear related post as there were way too many to pick from. Have a nice day every one!<3 Also it just turned 12:09 am. I'm a little sick so I just woke up from a nap and now it's Monday. Haha. Have a happy Monday!<3

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