Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Winnie the Pooh Day

10:46 pm

*sips iced coffee* 


Hey guys!
 I know it sounds like I've been repeating myself but I'm finally feeling better. I've never had a cold linger this long..

Today is: " Winnie the Pooh " day! 
January 18 is the birthday of the author who created children's story books. He is the mastermind behind Winne the Pooh and friends!

 I remember when I was little I wanted to write a story book-  Writing a children's book is on my bucket list among other books- I'd like to   
 I will illustrate in the future someday. <3


One of my new years goals is to be more confident in my writing as it can subconsciously affect how confident "real life me" will be. I've been correcting myself a lot this past year by avoiding words like: "I think" or..  "I might"

One of my previous worst habits was saying: "I don't know but.." at the beginning of sentences. I noticed that when I stopped doing that, I am a lot more decisive in person. I'm a lot more assertive in knowing what I want and this is a huge accomplishment for me as I was someone who would take 20 minutes to work up the courage to order a personalized sandwich at Subway.... 

Alrighty back to Winnie the Pooh~

(btw there will be more of me babbling away at a deeper level at the bottom of the post, haha. 
I know these posts look "advertisement-y"  but I try my best to insert little personal snippets of my thoughts and babbles to help)
On with the post!  

As you know, to help get me in the mood to continue blogging, and to help fuel my admiration of odd holidays, here is a blog post where I relate this hobby to another:  
Browsing online shops/sites and the cute items/ideas they offer<3

 I love sharing them not only because of the fun of finding them, but because I feel that sharing these shops help 
 support small businesses and creative minds.
( I will try to keep 80% of the items I share to be from small businesses)

 Let me know in the comments what items from the list below are your favorites. There will be a link under each photo to the shop/artist. If you end up purchasing an item, I'd love to know that as well. Enjoy! :) I had a lot of fun making this.~<3

The items I picked out are ideas that relate to Winnie the Pooh whether it be his friends, honey scented items, the color theme of the characters, the setting- it can be anything.
 I love connecting ideas together.
 Let's do this! 
I hope you have just as much fun browsing through my picks as much as I had picking them. :)  Enjoy! <3  


Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Wine Glass 

Click to Shop



Vintage Book Print, Winnie the Pooh Quote

Click to Shop


Winnie-the-Pooh classic illustration Pooh and Piglet Pendant Necklace or Key Ring

Click to Shop



Winnie the Pooh Washi Tape

Click to Shop



How Lucky I Am To Have Something That Makes Saying Goodbye So Hard Hand Stamped Necklace (quote from Winnie the Pooh)

Click to Shop



Vintage Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Custom Hand Painted Shoes

Click to Shop



Winnie the Pooh Mouse Ears with Bow - Mad Ears

Click to Shop 



Eeyore Earrings

Click to Shop



8 oz Raw, Unheated, All Natural Honey with Honeycomb

Click to Shop



Teeny Tiny Honey Bee Necklace

Click to Shop



Honey Bee tattoo realistic honey bee temporary tattoo 

Click to Shop



Small Raw Honey & Beeswax Candle Food Gift Box 

Click to Shop




Honey Bee Necklace 

Click to Shop




Pure Honey Almond Soap, Beeswax Soap

Click to Shop



Honey Suede Skirt

Click to Shop



Warm Honey Vintage Skirt with Pleats

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Vintage fabrics skirt, A-line skirt, butterfly embroidery applique with honey comb lining 

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Click to Shop



Kawaii Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Macaron Charms

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Winnie the Pooh bracelet

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Winnie the Pooh jewelry quote sometimes the smallest things A. A. Milne Quote 

Click  to Shop

That's it for now. :)

"Sometimes," said Pooh, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

I just need to say that one of the reasons why I love making these sort of posts- (the kind where I look up random holidays and come across days like this) is because it gives me the opportunity to learn about something I probably would have never stumbled upon myself.
After browsing so many shops, I came across many quotes by A.A. Milne. (the author of Winnie the Pooh) and I never realized how heartwarming and optimistic his stories were. I remember reading many of his books as a child, along with hundreds of others..
One embarrassing fact about me- 
 I grew up with a speech disability.
 I took a lot of reading/speech classes growing up because I had a major stutter problem. I could not finish sentences because my mind was working faster than my mouth. One of the tips repeated to me was to "feel" the words. So.. that meant that every word I read and wrote had to be thought about. My reading exercises started off with me reading excruciatingly slow, but after hours of after-school practice, I was able to speak without a stutter. 
 Words grew on me in a way I didn't mean for it to. I put so much emphasis on words and even till this day the thought of me stuttering is scary. To me it means I have lost control, and that's one of my hugest fears. 
(Losing control of my mind that is)
   I would only hope that the children's books I've read, influenced my heart too. 
Someday, I will write a book for kids and impacting their hearts with love would be my biggest goal.
  Btw A huge high five to anyone who actually reads through my posts. I appreciate you!  Anywho~
 Time to wrap this up!  Thank you for browsing, I enjoyed making this. Have a beautiful day! <3

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