Thursday, March 9, 2017

Popcorn Lovers Day

12:55 am

It's Popcorn Lovers day!! ~

You probably see popcorn in half of the photos I take because it's my favorite snack to have while making art.


As you know, to help get me in the mood to continue blogging, and to help fuel my admiration of odd holidays, here is a blog post where I relate this hobby to another:  
Browsing online shops and the cute items/ideas they offer<3

 I love sharing them not only because of the fun of finding them, but because I feel that sharing these shops help 
 support small businesses and creative minds.
( I will try to keep 80% of the items I share to be from small businesses)

 Let me know in the comments what items from the list below are your favorites. There will be a link under each photo to the shop/artist. If you end up purchasing an item, I'd love to know that as well
Don't forget to leave links to your blogs/sites so I can check you out. 

I also have a chat box on the right side of my blog, feel free to chat and link up.

The items I picked out are ideas that relate to anything.. popcorn related. Whether it be popcorn flavored desserts, or popcorn color/texture inspired clothing- the possibilities are endless.

I hope you have just as much fun browsing through my picks as much as I had picking them. :)  Enjoy! <3  


Popcorn pin

Click to Shop



Pink Candy Coated Popcorn

Click to Shop 

Buttered Popcorn Scented Melts

Click to Shop




Popcorn pillow 

Click to Shop



Popcorn Knit Cream Floral Sweater

Click to Shop



Sweater - Cropped - Ivory - Popcorn

Click to Shop



Popcorn Earrings - Food Earrings - Polymer Clay

Click to Shop



Popcorn Lip Balm

Click to Shop



Caramel Popcorn Soap

Click to Shop


Buttered popcorn bath bomb with jewelry inside

Click o Shop



Let's Get It Poppin Popcorn Embroidery

Click to Shop



Vintage Popcorn Textured Painting done on Wood Signed by Artist

 Click to Shop



Dog Art Print - Pomeranian and Popcorn

Click to Shop



pink micropleat popcorn top 

Click to Shop



Vintage 1980s Popcorn Collared Novlety Sweatshirt

Click to Shop 



 Alrighty! Time to wrap this up. Thank you for browsing, these all make great gifts for friends, or even for yourself, haha. <3 

(no really, you deserve it.) 

Have a beautiful day! <3

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