Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cute Wall Tapestry Finds



Hey guys!

Lately I've been obsessed with the idea of having wall tapestries. Not only are they perfect for adding personality to a boring wall; they make great backdrops for selfies and product photos! Who doesn't love hanging up art on a wall?!

 If you like any of the wonderful tapestries I shared below, Please support them!! <3

 Every sale pays an artist.  
I had a fun time picking these out and imagining cute scenarios around them. Adding artwork of any form in your room can personalize any vibe you wish to give off. I spend a lot of time in my bedroom so customizing it is something I do every season. It is a must to keep my room constantly changing to keep myself creatively motivated. I'm definitely doing more of these posts as it was tough to pick just a few. :)

Everything I'm about to share is from Society6 mainly because they have a FREE SHIPPING & 25% off sale for wall tapestries today! 

  It ends today at Midnight PT but you should always check frequently as this sale may be back someday.  Enjoy my cute finds !
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Let's get this started!~

1.) "Circle of Life" Wall Tapestry.  Click to shop here.

Look. At. This. Tapestry. Take a selfie in front of this and bam. You are a nature goddess in front of art. Get it. I want to birth my first born child on this. (Just kidding) maybe

2.) " Hokusai revisted" Wall Tapestry. Click To Shop Here.

You like waves? Pastel sunrises? Hokusai classic art re-imagined into this cute as hell tapestry. I need this.

3.) "Magical Path" Wall Tapestry. Click to Shop. 

Trying to embrace your inner magical fairy forest nymph? This is how you do it. Turn your room into a magic dream. Add blue and green Christmas lights as a nice touch too.  Don't forget fairy lights in mason jars<3

4.) "Banana Leaf Watercolor" Tapestry. 
I just wanna get a tan & drink my coconut water while having this hung on my wall. Ya feel? Summer all year. Yes pls.

5.) "Red Roses" Tapestry. Click to Shop Here. 

Add aesthetic romance into your room with these sexy roses. Put on your favorite bralette & lounge in a silk robe with this art.

6.) "Sunflowers Forever" Click to Shop.
Take pics in in front of this wonderful art with your pumpkin spice latte and fall-colored thigh high socks. Be art within art.~

7.) "The Downwards Climbing" Wall Tapestry.
Need peace in your life? Traditional style art?  Read your books and drink your hot tea in nothin' but your towel with this bliss of art. You deserve it. Treat yo self.

8.) "Kanata Scents" Wall Tapestry

Timeless. Yoshida Hiroshi art re-imagined with several different Ukiyo-e prints into one beautiful wall tapestry. I need this. so much. 

9.) "Leaf Lover" Wall Tapestry

Click to Shop Here. 

"These paintings were inspired by my daughter and her love for nature and unwavering belief in all things magical." - ArtsyAlienBabe
Everyone could use a garden fairy friend in their room. <3 
A fellow Maui artist friend made this! Support your local artist friends♥

(Btw, Thank you for welcoming me into your home and  feeding me delicious food so many times<3) 

10.)  "Love Wish Lanterns"  Wall Tapestry.

Wouldn't this be super charming with warm Christmas lights surrounding this wall tapestry!??! Imagine yourself falling asleep to this with magical music box melodies playing. I wouldn't leave my bedroom ever.
Oh wait.

11.) "Map" Wall Tapestry

Got wanderlust? Wake up every morning to this map and inspire/motivate yourself to travel more. Rise and Grind!

12.) "Phases of the Moon" Wall Tapestry
Last, but certainly not least..
Check out these Halloween vibes. I know it's only August but Halloween is my favorite holiday. I'm already counting down the days and planning which Horror movies to watch. Add spooky gothic vibes with this beautiful moon phase art.
Love this.
Definitely doing a ton of Halloween cute finds this year!

Anyways~ Time to wrap this up!

Have a beautiful day! <3

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