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2:32 am

Uh oh. I'm so scared of meeting new  faces but let's see how this goes.
I get really anxious about getting too close to people because I really do not want a serious relationship anytime soon but
meh it's been awhile

I painted new things today.


7:56 pm

I cried on the phone to him today
but I needed that, we needed closure.
I miss him.
But I need to stop because it's not our time anymore.



2:11 am

okay I promise  I'll fill these with better entries soon, I've been tired lately.
I miss writing tons but I cant find a way to balance painting too.. it's either I exhaust it all in paint or write here and lately I've been so busy  with  art commissions. Noooooooooooo o  o o o o o



4:33 am

I should be sleeping but I'm drinking iced coffee and my cat knocked over a jar of dirty paint water so that's pretty   cool

Tuesday at 11:42pm

It's probably better this way.


Monday at 4:53 am

There's something about the feeling you get sitting in coffee shops that are so.......
what can I say.....       Calming? 

It's the same feeling or mood that silently melts over you when you're looking over the dozens of heads bobbing to the speed bumps on a public bus. You look around realizing where you are, what you've accomplished, who you've become, and in the end you realize it's all because of you. Yeah sure, there are things in your past that have helped sculpted who you are and what choices you've made, but it's always you who did them. You can look back at all your worst self-ego crushing moments that make you cringe, and you could try to make excuses and say it's because of things that happened to you. Or "let" happen to you. Because you didn't know any better?
Because you were just stupid.
As clueless as you could have been,  there has to be the tiniest voice in your head to tell you how wrong it was.. But you still did them.  You still went along with it. Right? Does that make me a bad person?

Maybe during that time, a little, yes. But not forever. I strongly believe that every soul has a powerful pure sparkle in them, and that can make up for all the wrong that's been done, and more.
It's what you do with your worst experiences, and how you deal with it- is what makes your character.

  Whenever I fall into these deep thought processes , I think about these sort of things in hopes to reassure myself that I'm still worthy of being special to someone, because it's times like these where you start to feel lonely. Really, really, lonely. And it's not just love lonely; it's feeling alone in the world in general. 

It's moments like sitting on the beach and inspecting  the true line of the horizon to see if it's accurately straight from start to end. Your mind drifts away while your eyes unknowingly trace the images in front of you. You see stuff, but what you're looking at doesn't configure in your brain.
Because you're so deep into thought.

  Weirdly it's  things like having the faintest flashing shadow; pet the sun over the lids of your eyes while passing untamed trees on a long road car ride- 

that can wake you. 

  You look around to see you've fallen asleep in the backseat of a car. Or you imagine how much warmer it would feel if your head was leaning on a shoulder or lap, or anything really.
It's times like these where you're left alone to think. And it's so, so bittersweet.
 Like coffee without cream.

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