Letters to People


I write about every soul I meet. Whether we had a single night together or barely exchanged small-talk at a grocery store checkout- Every being that's been in my presence in any way or form has indefinitely made an impact on me.
I'm overwhelmingly fascinated by the energy I feel from people and I fall in love with their stories.

I am observant and I absorb everything around me. I pay attention to every detail so much that if I don't talk about them, I feel that I'll go crazy. I once sat in Burger King and watched all the drive-thru customers come and go.~~

Out of the 17 drivers, about 11 of them ate their fries as soon as they received it in their hands. This is shit that shouldn't even matter to most people but I saw that and felt inspired. I was in awe over how others naturally enjoy hot fries off the fryer- even if it slightly burns their tongue.
They know it's best gobbled up piping hot and they're aware that their tongue will heal anyway.

It's worth being burned a little.  Maybe these are things that people don't even bother to feel emotions over, but I always do. Everything inspires me. Always.

If by any chance, you are reading through this and you find a letter that sounds like I am speaking to you-- 
I am.

Though... I will never confess to it. 

I won't.

Send me an email and ask me if a specific letter was addressed to you-   I won't fucking tell you. 

Whether we're still friends or ended on not-so-great terms- I will never reveal that any of these letters were made for you.

 This is a tribute to people who wonder what others think of them. To the people who wonder if they ever "mattered."
Even if we haven't met in person,  I would hope that anyone reading this could relate to my feelings. I hope that my letters gives you warmth.  
I hope it makes you realize that strangers do indeed think of you more than you know, and no matter how much you doubt that, just know that these letters and details I've created about others will probably never be read by the destined receiver.
That thought alone makes me uneasy and so this is why I started doing this. It's a release. It's me hoping that if these people don't feel comforted by my thoughts of them- then others will.

I hope.

The names you see below are completely made up but the stories and emotions in them are very,very real to me. I try my best to only write about the good and memorable things about people and only speaking about the "bad" in a way of thanking those who helped me grow.

To anyone reading this, my main goal is to assure you that you are well thought of.
You matter.
You are enough.
If you are alive, you mean something to someone.
 I strongly believe in the fact that my art and my whole self is a precious gem and the way I am would never be possible if it weren't for those in my life who come and go.~~
Thank you so much and I love you.
These letters are for you. <3

(I'll try to add a new letter every few days) 

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