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Hey art lovers!~
 I offer several different ways you can support/ purchase art from me.
First, is my society 6 above.
I sell art prints, notebooks, mugs, pillows, and more! Everything is printed and shipped by society 6 themselves so please message me/tag me with your merch so I can enjoy your photos! I have customer gallery you can view here. (Still working on links!)
Otherwise, click the image above to shop!  <3

Second, are art commissions.  Which are currently closed until November 2017 as I am booked. I usually only take 3-4 art commissions a month as they are take a lot of energy away from personal projects.. I try my best to only do a few a month, but will update when it's open!

Third, are original paintings.
 All original paintings are packaged and shipped by myself. :) I write cute hand written notes, and every piece is signed by me. Each piece is dated and numbered with a unique code I keep documented.
 -Any original painting $150 and over comes with a certificate. Having numbered pieces and/or original art with certificates are really important as it adds solid value to my artwork..... just in case I were to ever die unexpectedly.
( LOL) ok not funny, but I'm serious. I think one of my  hugest fears is dying suddenly and not having left enough art on earth... Which is why I'm constantly painting. Hahaha.

I currently only ship to US customers.  Price ranges are anywhere from $35 to $400+
 If you like what you see and have a serious inquiry, please email me here below:

Scroll down to view original paintings for sale! All prices include free US shipping. (still editing) :) 

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